IADL #155
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 Rock Guitarist David Gilmour takes a break from recording the next Pink Floyd record to go out for a jog. yuck!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Little known fact: some poorer sumo wrestlers are often forced to bike to and from their matches. --Geoduck
 >>(((((((LIVE STUDS IN NETSCAPE ONLY 99c A MINUTE!!!)))))))<< --(actual Usenet header...)
 Dr. Farsheed, cosmetic surgeon and liposuction specialist, can't decided if this is going to be the source for his daughter's college tuition or a 1997 Corvette. --phonsux
 Naw, no more fat jokes. The guy is trying to get some exercise. You can work up a sweat trying to open those bike bags. --phonsux
 I don't thinking adding Sumo Wrestling as part of the "Ironman Quadrathalon" was such a hot idea. --helen keller
 Aahhh Fuck! That's the fouth bike I've crushed... When I catch the bastards who stole my pants, I'm gonna... Ohhh who am I kidding. --BretttMaveric
 Damn, I knew I should have taken the bus. Anyone know what to do for a heart attack? --Fugmulch
 What's a bike ride without Ho-Hos? --anon
 Hey, that's the guy who always shows up on CUSeeMe, no matter which reflector I choose. --tv's Spatch
 What we don't see in this picture are the dozens of whale-watchers racing to haul him back into the water. --Riff
 Awww, c'mon guys. Hasn't this fellow suffered enough? --Riff
 I was gonna do a "Brando on Baywatch" caption, but the thought turned my stomach! --Riff
 Poor bike. Poor, poor bike. --The Lawyer
 Bob's wife just complained about his spare tire. He doesn't know why she's whining but he'll keep looking for it. --DieLifeDie
 "Get your blubber bouncin'...flab out on the hiiiiwaaaaayyy..." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Only the bike seat understands my special needs. I love you, bike seat." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Tonight on ESPN4...'Extreme Sports Today' with Charles Durning." --The Interrupting Cow
 Somebody get this damn pole out of my way.....I can't get close enough to sniff the seat! --jim
 ...and that was the last time Larry Flynt rented a bicycle. --Shifter
 Ever been walking in the woods, and wonder just what it is that rubs those big patches of bark off the trees? Mystery solved. --Shifter
 Damn this magnetic plate in my head!!!Damn it all to hell! --Noonan68
 ESPN's "Stongest Men in the World" competition will continue with "Trying to Bend Over and Pick Up a Quarter." --Don Spudleone
 C'mon. This CAN'T be a real picture!!! --Goon
 Chris Farley is back in Beverly Hills Ninja 2: The Final... Oops, sorry, I forgot. --His Imperial Majesty
 Dammit! I was careful, and chained my old fat guy up before I left, but those damn thieves still went and took his clothes! --alanon
 And while Ronald stalled at the benefit, Grimace furiously attempted to fix his bike. --Bill
 We all pray this man wins at least one leg of the Tour d' France so he will be forced to wear a yellow shirt. --Waldo

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