IADL #156
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 Here,cast in bronze is a statue of one of the lesser known Greek gods: Verbenus- God of Q-tips and shrubbery. --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 This Mentos thing has gotten way out of control. --Heath
 John Tesh's ego gets so out of control that he insists on running with not one, but three torches, for the All Stars Celebrity Games. --phonsux
 Next item up for bid, three of Jackie O's favorite vibrators. Do I here $10,000.......... --NCCRTO
 Take it from one who knows, gang... Never duel with roman candles... --Doc Evil
 A hand in the bush is worth three in the . . . no, that's not it . . . --Heath
 Untold Bible Stories: Just before bringing the Israelites the Ten Commandments of God, he brought them the Three Microphones of God. --Wildman
 Letting loose a cry of triumph, Randolph thrust the sacred Three-Pronged Salad Tongs into the sky. At long last, he was King of the Lettuce People. --Geoduck
 Simon desperately tried to signal in semaphore with one hand to his golfing buddies, "A bush is eating my arm, and the fencepost looks ready to attack!" --Lance Hall
 "All Father Odin? About these Taiwanese Mjolnir knock-offs, y'knw it takes three of them slammed at once to turn me into Thor?" --across the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard (or Lancaster, PA)
 Now y'all has seen ME jugglin' fahr. Ah want one'er'two of you tah come up and trah. Don't be sceert now! --Tortelvis Grenkle
 "Raise your hand if you're Sure!" --Jim Ellwanger
 Shit, it went out! Now we have to go all the way back to Greece and start over! --Jim Ellwanger
 A little-known fact: Running shortly behind the person carrying the Olympic Torch is the one carrying the backups. --Riff
 Not only can I juggle three flaming torches, but I can shoot spears out of my armpits! --Riff
 "I _said_, 'do you want fresh pepper on that?' Come back! Come back!" --The Interrupting Cow
 But alas, Rainer Weltschmerz would not live long enough to reap the rewards of a first place in the grenade-catching competition. --The Interrupting Cow
 Dangerous things on fire for sale! --Colin
 A second later, the Lord of the Dance slipped and gave his proctologist a whole new career. --Shifter
 "With these giant matchsticks, I do declare thee all offical members of Arsonists Anonymous!" --almost cool
 Chariots of Firey Love was never as good a seller as Debbie Does the RenFaire. --Don Spudleone
 Get your giant Q-tips here! Giant Q-tips! Get 'em while they're hot! --His Imperial Majesty
 After hearing the rush of air coming from the blowgun behind him, Jake found that he couldn't move. Score another for the Wugandu Tribe. --Caine
 Someday, all the toothbrushes will be mine, and I will RULE THE WORLD!!! --mutantdog
 "Yes, count'em folks, THREE flaming anal intruders. Can I hear ya say FOUR?" --Ngoc van Trimble
 "If you thought that was impressive, wait until I put them back! --SomeDumbGuy

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