IADL #157
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 Everyone RUN! The Stripe Disease has started claiming everything in sight! OH GOD! --ChoppingBlock
 Small like Diana, or big like Herbie, stupid media hounds are stupid media hounds. --phonsux
 Benign cancer engulfs woman's shoulder and neck - Film at 11 --Ralph
 "Jill, are you pissed? You've got one of those clouds over your head." "No Bob, that's not the Dark Evil Cloud of Anger, that's the Sort-of Whitish-Pinkish Cloud of Cotton Candy Craving." --Wildman
 "If you're filming me, and I'm filming you, then who...?"...she couldn't bring herself to finish the thought...the possibilities were just too hideous to contemplate --mutantdog
 Jack's career really picked up after he had his head surgically replaced with a camera. --Geoduck
 When a car passed by blasting a Wang-Chung song, Bonnie couldn't help but dance... --Lance Hall
 "Oooh, did you hear that? Sounded like a multiple car crash. Good thing I just reloaded with film." --phonsux
 Once Don learned Alice owned the only other Beta camcorder left in America, he was smitten. --Heath
 We catch our competition filming a stupid story, tonight on 9News at Ten. --The Lawyer
 Meanwhile at the Recovering Borg support group... --DieLifeDie
 "Camcorders? What camcorders.........we didn't bring any camcorders to the concert." --jim
 Something not usually seen in public.....Cameramen "talkin' shop" --Noonan68
 "Cut, cut......Pam, you need to sell the audience more on this. You have to make them want an Anal Intruder." --almost cool
 As the cameraman filled his drawers with a steaming pile, the woman talked on and on about cooking with Basil --almost cool
 The news crew just hung out with Ann, waiting for her cloud of doom to strike again. --DieLifeDie
 I poked holes in the changing tents. Let's go! --His Imperial Majesty
 When Action News Teams Attack! --Anonywuss
 The dominant cameramen, noted by their larger equipment, bullied and tortured the lesser members of the pack. --Caine
 Stop taping? Yeah. Yeah, I'll stop taping. I'll stop taping when you stop taping. --Horselover Fat
 And then the cloud no longer looked like Jabba the Hut, but just a smudge in the sky. I'm Monica Roberts for WMAQ-TV. --Tortelvis Grenkle
 "Tonight on Fox News, we'll show you how easy it is to sneak a high-powered rifle into a public place." --Jim Ellwanger
 These infinite recursion demonstrations make my head hurt. --anon
 "Ok, we'll pose as the media thereby gaining backstage access. If anyone tries to stop us, we merely flash the Mentos, revealing ourselves to be nothing but fun-loving scamps and WE ARE IN, BABY!" --DoomTrout
 We're from the IADL, which way to the dweebs? --The Most Rev. HolyOley

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