IADL #159
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 Literary Speculation #15: Romeo after fifteen years of married life. --Wildman
 This is a dimension of sight and sound, but not of mind. A dimension of four dollar sandwiches, five dollar beers and expensive but useless souveniers . . . there's a sign post up ahead, it's The Tourist Trap Zone. --phonsux
 Ironically enough, the Ren Faire enthusiast in the foreground couldn't spell 'medieval' even if his next mug of mead depended on it. --DoomTrout
 Christopher Columbus discovers Cleveland. --alanon
 They come a-runnin' just as fast as they can/ Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man. --alanon
 Here we see a rare shot of Fistandantilus shopping for "Frilly Things." --Majere
 "Dammit, why do those kids in the pool keep calling me?" thought the ghost of Marco Polo. --anon
 Despite the snickering of Bo and Luke, Uncle Jessie always looked forward to the Annual Hazard County Rennaisance Fair. --Lance Hall
 Coke on a string here, get your Coke on a string, it's lovely... --His Imperial Majesty
 Get this... He's probably a psychiatrist... --Doc Evil
 I'll be dang... Someone FINALLY let Prince Albert outta th' can! --Doc Evil
 Heyyy... Leonardo Da Vinci has a 'Big Gulp'!... I cry foul! --Doc Evil
 Ever so often Elminster would visit RenFairs to ridicule the so called "mideaval" style. --ChAoS
 No one was impressed by Chico's "Balance a log on your head" trick --Moe The Maneater
 "Hey lady...how do i get to the barbsho....*hic*....how do i get to the hair shalo....*hic*....hey lady, help me get a haircut willlya?" --Moe The Maneater
 For the fifteenth time today, Nostradamus wonders how in the _hell_ the invasion of the Wedgie People slipped in under his radar. --The Interrupting Cow
 Andy had to face facts...his days as a male prostitute were over. --Waldo
 Hello, Spinnwebe, I'm been waiting for you--come with me and I will show you freaks beyond your wildest imagination--IADL is only the beginning. --Colin
 Yep, it's an authentic BALCONY, ladies and gentlemen, no smoke and mirrors here, a real balcony! --Colin
 I'm feeling very uncomfortable here... Can you spare some change to buy an old man a pair of Bermuda shorts ? --anon
 Sadly, the caber toss event ended in tragedy. --anon
 While Thelma stood transfixed by the sight of the hanging sign, Mabel managed to get in one good grope. --Emil Blovin
 "Ahhh, Grasshopper, come along now...we did not come to the Festival of Holiness to stare at women's asses all day" --MutantDog
 Yon Towne Cryer suspects a demonic casting of the dred spell: Methane and sulphur --phonsux
 Suddenly his muse strikes and Shakespeare rushes home to write "Two Big-Bootied Tourists from Verona." --DieLifeDie
 The colostomy bag was considered the height of fashion in Elizabethan England and was displayed proudly by nobel men and commoners alike. --DieLifeDie

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