IADL #160
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 Wiping a booger on a moving train... Now THAT takes balls. --Doc Evil
 A Mage: The Ascension LARP gets out of hand. --alanon
 "I'll never forget you," Amy mouthed through the window of the subway train, as Jared reached out as if to touch her cheek one last time. Then, with the hiss of steam, the train pulled away, speeding her out of his life forever and taking off three of his fingers in the process. --kristina the astonishing
 Rich liked to think everyone liked him. Rich liked to think that he could wave to all of his friends on the subway. Rich was a moron. --Pastor of Muppets
 "The Wizards' Union is one stodgy group of old coots, I tell ya. I mean, look! I can turn trains to jello with the best of 'em, but I get one funky haircut, and suddenly I'm the pariah." --SpinnWebe
 "Surface pliable, but firm...barrier translucent, not opaque...image distortion...this qualifies as a Type IV force shield. A phaser setting of 6 should breach it." --Stealth
 Bobby's heart lept as his punker boyfriend once again proved his manhood by turning his fingers into bloody stumps by running them across the moving train. --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 (whispered to the lavender-locked gentleman) "A train, a train, a train, a train, would you, could you in a train?" --ChoppingBlock
 The purple mind flayer had stuck its tentacles directly into Emil's cerebellum, causing him to do strange things like riding the subway. --Heath
 Superman, in disguise, stops the bullet train with his fingertips before it reaches the bottomless chasm --Sean Hart
 Muad Dib's first attempt to ride a sand worm was a dismal failure. --DieLifeDie
 Even though he wasn't supposed to Sean couldn't resist touching the world's largest condom. --DieLifeDie
 While not as compelling as Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, Poughkeepsie's Touching of the Light Rail does give some people a thrill. --DieLifeDie
 Commuters attempt to heal the sick train by the laying on of hands. --Jim Ellwanger
 Due to the shabby construction materials involved, the hulls of some older Starfleet ships would occasionally turn into Vaseline(tm). --Skywise
 "I think this one's ripe." --hippie
 In the Metro, Terence demonstrates for Douglas another method for removing all fingerprints not demonstrated in "Men In Black." --Orrin Bloquy
 Bob wished he could reach out and touch the speeding train, just like his friend Zag. Alas, every man can have such an experience only twice in his life... --Shifter
 The MTA Faith Healer Caption leaps out for sure, but the purple hair takes away any credibility. --phonsux
 "Check this out. I've been playin' guitar for so fuckin' long man, my callouses are like teflon!" --phonsux
 This dumb bastard has a full head of hair and he flaunts it by shaving the sides and dying it purple, thought Barry. I'm gonna push him out a side door before the ride is over. --phonsux
 No, the bag hanging over his shoulder is not a colostomy bag, let's just focus on his hair and the weird hand gesture, okay? -- For the Beginner IADL caption submitters --phonsux
 "In the name of our God in heaven above, I COMMAND THEE SUBWAY TO STOP!" --almost cool
 This train feels slimy. It must have just hatched from its cocoon. --His Imperial Majesty
 The new Hallucinocam (TM) actually allows the psychedelic visions of the photographer to be captured on film. This image, for example, was obtained by taking a healthy dose of LSD and then photographing an empty hallway. --Steevie
 Oh yes. By feeling its chi, I sense that this subway window is feeling very depressed and may have been a burrito in a past life. --Azazael
 "Secret identity, my ass!" cries SuperPunk, as he stops the 9:15 train in its tracks. --Riff
 Slash liked to live on the wild side, but he always kept his lawyer nearby, just in case. --Riff
 Ranika the Elf casts the spell 'Blur', and yet again foils Darren's plans to enter the train. --Brian Wilson
 Out of work Drednoks...Sad, really. --Doc Evil
 Coming to television this fall YUPPIE and PUNK: It's an action show and a comedy. --anon

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