IADL #161
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 In his later years, Gene Simmons got less and less careful before he went on stage. --Juan Valdez
 "Help, Tobor! Save me!" --Big ol' Bob
 Shawn, as a proud member of the KISS Army, was always prepared to be called to service. --alanon
 Vrr'ttt'yyl the Venusian is amazed that the Earthlins accept his presence among them without question. --His Imperial Majesty
 Yet another new side effect of Fen-Phen. --Ratman
 The larger outdoor bingo games employed rodeo clowns to distract and herd the geriatric cattle. --Skywise
 YAHHHHHHH!! Clown! --Colin
 "We've secretly replaced Aretha Franklin's backing band with Porno The Pantless Clown. Let's watch the fun." --The Interrupting Cow
 Clown at kids' parties, masseuse at adult parties. --Jim Ellwanger
 If you're ambigiously asexual and you know it clap your hands! --Skywise
 Come take a ride on the Nightmare Marry-Go-Round...come take a ride with the likes of the Killer Klowns...from outer space... --The decapitated decapitated
 I don't think the clown from Stephen King's IT was more terrifying than this, yeesh! --phonsux
 The opening act, Jojimba and Claricia, dutifully applaud the headliners, ABBA, during their come back tour. --phonsux
 Oh, great, more clown captions, only with racial overtones this time. Can the IADL sink any lower? --phonsux
 Here we see Whoopie Goldbergs distant cousin Yahoo Goldstein. --Waldo
 Pippy the clown does his famous Mime routine " Masterbating the elephant". --Waldo
 With a swift Karate chop, Binky the clown strikes again. --Ralph
 Even though he was waist deep in a pool filled with electric devices, Happy the Clown kept entertaining until the bitter end. --almost cool
 Screen shot from Arthur C. Clarke's soon-to-be-released "2075: A Space Oddity." --Steevie
 "Ronald McDonald couldn't make it today, so I'd like you to welcome Bloato, Clown Prince of the Triple By-Pass." --DieLifeDie
 Who says IADL has no impact on society? Here we see the girl from #158 with the guy from #160 declaring Jesus as their personal savior! --Riff
 She never saw it coming. Two minures later, her still corpse lay on the ground and the rare purple-haired sasquatch was searching for another victim. --Riff
 Always jealous of his brother's success, Larry McDonald finally snaps and goes on a muderous rampage in Detroit! --Riff
 "Flower-man" catches up to another criminal who would take the lives of his defenseless bretheren. --Riff
 "When giant Troll dolls attack" - next season on FOX! --Riff
 As Matilda felt the rainbow-colored fingers of doom embrace her throat, she lamented that her investment in the giant black security droid had been a waste. --Riff
 Half-man, half-chrysanthemum, Fred exemplifies the best of genetic research today. --Heath
 It's the Anti-Ronald!!! AIEEEE!!! --Doc Evil
 Another roadie learns not to stand in front of the amp when using the industrial strength clapper. --BC

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