IADL #163
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 Early test footage of Reservoir Dogs, before Tarantino decided to change to concept from matching "sluts" to "suits." --Did I write that?
 Meet the Sisters of NBC's new fall comedy " Ghetto Pains": Tawanda, Sheliqua, Fellatio, and Tsunami ! --Toothpick Vic
 Yep, Vy, all you need is a good man, just remember: head up, shoulders back, slight hip shake, show em what you got... --Haze
 Amazingly, this scene was cut from The Wiz! --Zeke the BC
 "This is one big-ass K-Mart," thought Velvita as yet another blue light special was announced over the PA system. --Heath
 En Vogue II: After the armageddon --tk421
 "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way..." --Stealth
 "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same..." --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 I can't get past the image in my mind of someone laying prone on the sidewalk to get this shot. --Anonywuss
 Dere dey was justa' walkin' down the screet, singing Doo wah Diddy, Diddy Dum Diddy Do --anon
 It's amazing what some people will do to smuggle bowling balls out of a bowling alley. --Sean Hart
 Strangely enough, Leroy's Angels never got past a pilot episode. --Riff
 I'm not submitting any lesbo captions ... these chicks scare me! --Riff
 In the ghetto, even Girl Scouts have attitude! --Riff
 As the sun sets behind the majestic Wyoming mountains, a herd of mighty bisons roam the rugged countryside in search of food. --anon
 The sequel to "Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert" included a cameo by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. --Colin
 Spock....Bones...do you notice anything strange? --Colin
 Bob, George, Phil and Irving on their way to the Dennis Rodman basketball camp . --Waldo
 Beatlemania, not the Beatles but an incredible simulation. --DieLifeDie
 The NAACP drop by to have a few "words" with Spinnwebe about IADL #161 --Emil Blovin
 Scene from the up-coming movie "Honey, I separated the four faces of Eve." --DieLifeDie
 Boing, boing, boing, boing... --His Imperial Majesty
 "Girl, you GOT to shave that shoulder of yours!" --Luna
 Talk about body lingo! Even her shoulder's throwin' a sign! --Lee Harvey Press On Nails
 "Lookin' great ladies! Yep, lovely dress, there!" Keep smilin' and I won't get my assed kicked. Okay, maybe try some local lingo "Have a dope d-, er I mean a have a phat day--, oh shit . . . . " --phonsux
 The IADL photographer's subject matter changed quite dramatically when he was no longer able to make his rent. --ChoppingBlock
 Latrina, I'd do anything to get my photo out there. I know if the public could somehow just see me I'd be modelling tomorrow --ChoppingBlock
 Sara knew she should be grateful for this trip she won on "The Price Is Right", but after touring the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the Colosseum, all she could think about was finding a White Castle. --Heath

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