IADL #164
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 k.d. lang was dumbfounded by the crazy Los Angeles street system. --ChoppingBlock
 This Summer.. `Happy Days' the musical! See it again for the first time. --trashman
 Road Warrior's lesser known brother, Rump Ranger. --Don Spudleone
 You shake it to the left / You shake it to the right / You do the hippie shake-shake with all of your might --Don Spudleone
 The bastard son of Pinky Tuscadaro and Potsie was an outcast to the citizenry of Milwaukee --Bill
 Are we not men? We are DEVO! D-E-V-O! --Doc Evil
 After twenty-eight years, Davey had finally saved up enough Cap'n Crunch Points for the motorbike. --Heath
 "Cool Daddy" Leo, patiently waiting for his mother to come escort him across the street. --Shifter
 Peter paused and listened as his rooster crow echoed through the streets, but Tinkerbell didn't reply. Where was she? --Capt. Ion
 I'm Hans Chirstian Andersen! --Big Jim
 Of course he's not going anywhere. It's A Dysfunctional Bike. --Heath
 Next season on Fox. David Duchovny is... Harley Davidson man --anon
 I'm bad, I know it. I'm bad, I show it. --Ralph
 "Hips! I've got hips!" --DieLifeDie
 Johnny "Arms Akimbo" Smith waits impatiently for the two pedestrians to line up in his sights. --Anonywuss
 I don't know, the poses these Sears catalog models strike all seem fake. --Anonywuss
 Although he was still a bit uncomfortable, Jake proudly displayed his new Chia-Head hair weave. --almost cool
 At that moment Crispin Glover decided that the next person to make a "George McFly" reference would be pulling his Honda softback out of their ass. --almost cool
 Rebel without a fashion sense. --anon
 10 seconds later, the real owner of the bike showed up and beat the living snot out of this geek. --anon
 Use the New Preparation H, for those Harley sized Hemmoroids! --PoohBear
 "That's right, man," Darren said to himself, "I am one bad-ass white boy." --DoomTrout
 After excaping from the dinosaurs once again, Ian Malcolm cruises the city preaching to people about his chaos theory. --ChAoS
 At first, Robert was overjoyed that he had discovered an alternate fuel source. However, he soon discovered the downside: peeing into your gas tank in public can be a real drag. --DoomTrout
 "Let's see, the book said, '1. Sit astride motorcycle 2. Place arms akimbo 3. Fend off swarm of chicks.' Ok, so where's the swarm?" --DoomTrout
 How ironic - a picture of a poser. --Riff
 I tell you, between this bike and this jacket, I'm gonna be a chick magnet!!! --Riff
 The subtle embarassment of hitching a ride from the Invisible Biker ... --Riff
 I just finished a whole roll of Mentos! I should be cool any second now! --Riff
 Pierre the Biker Nrrrrd on his way to a Win95 vs. Machintosh rumble. --scumbagz
 That's right, that fella has been there for a good 30 years; he can't seem to make up his mind on which way to go. --Colin
 "The Code Warrior." --Ngoc van Trimble
 Well! If Bruce doesn't want to show up for our date, I guess I'll go riding without him! --Emil Blovin
 Blissfully unaware of his peculiar posture, Oleg savors the thrum of the engine against his prostate. --Ngoc van Trimble
 My bike...my hardon...my self. --Wanker
 Today's hardcore, badass biker: Hmmm, Taylor has swimming lessons at two. Brittany needs her braces tightened at three-thrity. My next client's deposition is at--ah, the cell phone is ringing. --phonsux
 Yes, I am MOTORCYCLE PUNK! People fear me, yet live vicariously through me, secretly longing to break free of their humdrum lives into the Zen-like realm of my uncertain yet thrilling existance on the fringe of conventional mores! Ya-ha-haaa! --Wildman
 When Vulcans Go Bad. --The Interrupting Cow
 "As a matter of fact, I _am_ compensating for a sense of failure and impotence in my tedious daily existence. Why do you ask?" --The Interrupting Cow
 "Oh, damn, there's Chauncey Pfister on that damn bike of his. Pretty cruel of his parents not to let him put gas in it, him being 35 and all. Sad, really." --The Interrupting Cow
 He's a rebel cop, who plays fast and hard by his own rules. He is...BikeCrotch! --Skywise
 Most people he passed on the street did not realize that melvin was NOT, in fact, waiting at a stoplight, but was actually suffering from scrotal hondamotorcycleus elephantiasis, a rare condition. --Puff The Magic Dragon

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