IADL #165
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 Every day at lunch, Bernice and Moira walked by construction sites "trollin' for whistles." --The Hog Ridin' Fool
 Chatting away happily, Ann and Sara fail to notice the office building quietly sneaking up behind them... --tk421
 Jane, I don't know what this thing that's hovering by my sholder is, but I love it!! --Big Jim
 Hey Junior, can you see OK back there ? ...Anyways, I said to Mom How can I get my weightlifting reps in for the IronWoman competition if I have to drag Junior to the fair?, and Mom goes... --not elsie
 Jill giggled softly to herself. "By the time Elaine finds out the backpack is filled with shredded newspaper, Midge and I will be on the way to Buenos Aires with the $6 million." --Stealth
 Betsy the Raccoon Lady tries to adjust to life outside the carnival. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
  oh, you! (insert cheerleader-type laugh) --kat
 I can't believe that "nice pants" crap actually worked! --DieLifeDie
 "Marie, Marie, look at this, I found it on the ground! ITS A FREE TOWEL!" --almost cool
 "While everyone was preoccupied, the very sneaky Karen adjusted her backpack and tweaked her own nipple at the same time. Oh yes, she was good. --almost cool
 Honest, the tighter you tie the sweater around your waist, the more your boobs stick out...go figure! --PoohBear
 Conan O'Brien's "If They Mated" morphs get loose! --Colin
 Thanks for raising me from the dead for this fair, Heather... --Colin
 "Yeah, well, I'd rather have been attached to a man's body, but beggers can't be choosers.." --Geoduck
 Two of the lessor known Spice girls....Jiggly Spice and Nipply spice. --Waldo
 You asked for it, you got it - Crispin Glover in drag! --Lee Harvey Press On Nails
 IADL Breast Indicators for the day topped 8,000.... --Lee Harvey Press On Nails
 I'll bite. Who's the ugly friend, here? --Lee Harvey Press On Nails
 "You're right...if you hit them with the pepper spray a few times, they _do_ keep trying to claw their eyes out." --The Interrupting Cow
 Must...resist...dyke joke...urge...too..strong... --The Interrupting Cow
 Man, if this doesn't scream Mentos, then I don't know what is. --Skywise
 Wow, the forehead shinings are even cheaper downtown. --Skywise
 Lucy the human turtle wanders the city, her shell disguised as a backpack. --ChAoS
 "Sh-yeah, right, like I want anything to do with the internet, dork!" --phonsux
 "I can't believe that guy just asked me to pose nude! To fix myself up for display for men! The nerve of him . . . Well, why don't we go to the mall, I heard Este Lauder has got a new line of eye shadow." --phonsux
 IN: the hangliding backpack OUT: the ultra-mini backpack --ChoppingBlock
 I feel oh so fresh, I just gotta SMILE! --Puff The Magic Dragon

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