IADL #166
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 In order to comply with EPA-mandated air pollution guidelines, Chicago tries a new experimental public transit system. --Heath
 Wheels making our lives easier: Rollerblades can be thrown over a girl's shoulders to anchor her legs in place, and the skateboard allows the male a quick gettaway. --phonsux
 Although it was a very dangerous manuever, Chuck slowly raised his arms while riding and attempted a "seagull." --almost cool
 At that moment Tommy the shitty skateboarder met eyes with Tonya the shitty rollerblader, it was true love. --almost cool
 lack of rollerblade control had seen Julie flying uncontrollably past the last 17 public toilets, but how much longer could she hold on? --no12no
 After editing, Hackers came out to only 13 minutes of film. So this shot was repeated 12,000,000 times. --Bill
 Rollerblade and Skateboard, two rival houses in fair Verona. She of one house, he of another. Will their forbidden love weather the storm of their families' blood feud? --Stealth
 Fame! on Wheels! --Colin
 That's the kind of guy whose death I cheered about when the aliens of Independence Day blew up NYC. --Colin
 No fear! Go extreme! Be as big of a nuisance as you can be! --Colin
 Owww... That parking meter back there HURT! --Sean Hart
 Crossdresser, skating, falls victim to low-slung mailbox. --Skywise *Film at eleven?*
 "Shit, too late! She's at the corner. Just a little more speed, and I coulda clotheslined the bitch, and we could've eaten tonight." --Mister Sinister
 Isn't it beautiful when two amputees find each other like that? --Riff
 Strangers in the street ... in oncoming traffic ... who knows what we'll meet? ... Perhaps this Chrysler ... now we're feeling beat ... we're bleeding in the street! --Riff
 Adam Sandler is Skateboard Cop this fall on the dubba-dubba-dubba-WB --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Oh dammit, I should have bought maxi-plus, not that other, cheaper, brand! --anon
 His latest victim squarely in his sights, Geekman swoops in for the kill... --Geoduck
 The numbers of the Penquin's henchmen have grown discouragingly thin. --Lee Harvey Press on Nails
 As the evil Dr. Psoriasis attempts to escape on a skateboard he stole from a hapless child, plucky crime-stopper Wilomina Tsung prepares to fire off her spring-powered boots... --Jason D. Sinclair
 Jenny bet Frank he couldn't do the old use-the-old-lady-as-a-ramp-and-jump-the-beemer trick while hopped up on goofballs. --Big Shemp (Nyuk nyuk nyuk!)

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