IADL #167
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 Luckily, Barbara's fly also had the Club. This just wasn't the criminal's lucky day! --alanon
  WHOA-OA!!! The Sigmund Freud Autoplex! --Doc Evil
 Ford. Probe. --Steevie
 "Damn!" Bob thought as he removed the citation from his window, "Parking in front of a Phallus, $15" --anon
 Indy and his father were once again in a bind: the Nazis were closing in, Indy lost the keys to his car, and the Phallus of Doom was approaching! --Don Spudleone
 Wow! The car-jackers in this part of this city are polite........These say "please"as they throw you out and "Thank You, Have A Nice Day" as they speed off. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Matilda wore her bike helmet everywhere she went. No one knows why. --Anonywuss
 Jim gives the Ford Probe a taste of it's own medicine. --Anonywuss
 "Just another second honey . . . I see a mirror and I've got to do the good thing and grace it with my face." --phonsux
 The giant concrete phallus from hell often posed as a bollard in car sales lots, silently approaching its many victims from behind --no12no
 Jane's personal campaign to clean the streets of New York consisted of stuffing homeless people into her bag when no one was looking. --anon
 After the Star Wars money ran out, R2D2 was forced to do Slimfast commercials. --Waldo
 Yes, but is it circumised---uh...insured? --Colin
 "NO RADIO my ass! Hand me my wrench." --hippie
 "Just a little bit closer," the giant roll-on thought, "And I'll show them what SURE means." --hippie
 "The things...mmmphh...I...mmmphhh...do to close a sale around..mmppphhh...here..." --The Interrupting Cow
 As Skip struggled with the car lock, the scout droid from Phallus 5 made note of the puny humans' technological incompetence. --The Interrupting Cow
 "Gee, Sis, what do 'your needs' have to do with me getting to ride shotgun?" --The Interrupting Cow
 Moments after this photo was taken, leggy supermodel Linda Evangelista had snapped poor Bobby's neck like a breadstick. --The Interrupting Cow
 How sad. One of the New Kids On The Block is trying to force someone to take his autograph. --His_Imperial_Majesty
 "Now demand that he leave the vehicle...don't take your gun off him...you need to maintain eye contact, if you intend to pass the final exam, Raoul." --Car Jacker's Institute --alanon
 Hey, man, I washed your windows, now give me my dollar! Or would you like to speak to my lawyer here to renegotiate our contract? --alanon
 Oh, dear. It seems to be a little lost Dalek! --Riff
 The latest trend in anti-theft devices - the Schlub! --Riff
 Hey! I've got a funny thought! That thing is phallic or something! Heh heh. --N.R. Key
 No, really, Uncle Phil, explain to me again how you got your manhood tangled in the steering wheel. --Tortelvis Grenkle
 The Guillotine Car Security System gave this owner peace of mind, but a lot to clean up. --ChoppingBlock
 The difference is, the prick's on the OUTSIDE! --Mike Renfro
 Another fine day in Penisville. --Marlboro (In the shower)
 Should we be seeing this? --tk421

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