IADL #168
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 One of the drawbacks of living in Pisa is every once in a while a building topples over and crushes your arm. --Heath
 After the Aladdin money dried up, so did the marriage. Jasmine fared better after the divorce; she moved to a new town, got some new threads, and hung with a fresh crowd. --Shifter
 "So that's how you got the cast on your arm. Now how did you get the cast iron pot on your head?" --Heath
 John, the stronger of the siamese twins, often took out his aggressions on his poor sister. --Nate
 Yeah, they're fun to hang around with, thought Mitch, but I wish at least one of them was a little less Gabriel, and more like Xena. --phonsux
 That guy's a fucking genius! I almost thought that those chicks were real and not mannequins! Great touch on the broken arm, dude! --Don Spudleone
 Sure, they may be happy and care-free, but take away their Mentos and they become a rampaging dervish of destruction! --Don Spudleone
 It was at this point that Chris realized that he wasn't like the other girls. --GrimJim
 Seeing how popular their friend Jane had become, the rest of the gang vowed to go home that very night and break at least one of their arms. --almost cool
 Cradling her stumped right arm, Marie listened intently as Tejinder read out David Letterman's Top Ten List Of Amputee Pickup Lines. --Ratman
 This is not an IADL pic. Three semi-good looking females and one guy. Oh, I get it. He's not gay, they are. --phonsux
 From the left, Cowardly Spice, Kansas Spice, Heartless Spice, and Hemp Spice (aka Dorky Spice) in this remake, The Super-Phat Wizard of Oz-Fest --Bill
 Pinocchia had not quite finished the transformation from puppet to Real Girl yet... --Stealth
 Enough with the Mentos ads, already. --anon
 4 people about to be mugged and left for dead in NYC. --anon
 "Hey kids! I know how to save the playground from being turned into a skyscraper- let's put on a show!" --Aunt Cake
 That's one big ventroquilist dummy! --Colin
 "Tissue rejection or not, it sure was nice of that homeless guy to sell you his arm for Tim's bottle of Aqua-Velva." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Crack: The Fresh Maker!" --The Interrupting Cow
 A very special letterboxed edition of IADL. --Capt. Ion
 Kathy made lots of friends when she decided to share her prescription painkillers. --alanon
 As the stallion of the herd, Fred had to remain ever vigilant, protecting his harem of mates from predators and competing males. --Shifter
 Somehow, even among his closest friends, Kyle felt aloof, yet strangely aroused ... --Riff
 Part street-smart city girl, part killer cyborg! It's Robochick! --Riff
 What sucks after I broke my right arm, is that I have to share my left one with my brother! --Riff
 In figure 44b, we ponder the absurtity of C. possessing beeper in rt. pocket while having broken rt. arm. --N.R. Key
 This picture goes beyond Mentos. It must be an anti-smoking ad. --Riff
 Jason really didn't need a babysitter, but it was the only way he could get three 16 year old girls to hang around with him for t$2.50 an hour. --WALDO
 The new, re-vamped version of Charlie's Angels introduced, among other things, a slightly more studly Bosley. --Geoduck
 As the girls chatted, happily unaware, Fred suddenly felt The Call. --Geoduck
 Simi's trip to the wax museum was the best part of her vacation, despite the fact that her fave exhibit, the awkwardly titled Three Jaunty Twenty-Nothings had been damaged by an unthinking smoker. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 While his friends giggled and chortled, only Randy saw the horror that was their future. --DoomTrout
 Distracted by the overwhelming sights and sounds of his first trip to the big city, Kevin unwittingly stumbles onto the set of a Tampax commercial. --kristina the astonishing
 One of the photos of the band "Screaming Sphincter", this one considered for the inside flap of their second album, "Gnash my gnaughty bits". Taken before the highly publicized "Blender Incident", it is believed to be the last photo taken of Nigel Twaddler (far right) while he was still alive. --Jason D. Sinclair
 While the girls could enjoy their trip to the city, Joe had to remain the stoic "Man" of the family. --bigjim
 A happy return from the VD clinic! --Marlboro (itching in silence)
 The girls chuckled inanely at nothing in particular. Mark was more interested in the sniper scoping in on Jeanine. --Big Jim Conglommo
 the Debbie Gibson comeback, phase 1: get sympathy for the broken arm. --tk421

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