IADL #169
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 "Oh, no, Johnny 5, you've been hurt!" --Bumper Sticker Philosopher
 Ah, this is the life I've always dreamed of. White picket fence, inflatable garage, and Hard Copy camped on my lawn... --Shifter
 The regular IADL photographer was sick today, so we had 6-year old Billy take this picture... --alanon
 A rare, behind-the-scenes look at... What the Hell IS this, anyway?... --Doc Evil
 "This is really impressive... how big is this diaphragm supposed to be again?" --Bucky
 Screen shot from the soon-to-be-released, Fantastic Voyage III: Journey to the centre of the sphincter." --Steevie
 The next stop on the tour: A massive, highly detailed reconstruction of Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon. --Steevie, the name-dropper.
 Jimmy knew that this was prizewinning stuff he was getting on film. I mean, how many times had Bill Clinton done a lip-synch to "Baby Got Back?" --almost cool
 No, they're not Borg, you idiot! They're Centurions! You know, from "Battlestar Galactica"...aw, fuck it. It was before your time. --agm
 You figure, Betty. After three months of siting here watching a gay couple have sex every Tuesday evening at 8:15 and tape it someone would tell them to close the blinds. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Toshi decides to ingore the comedian and film the antics of that wacky horsefly. --Anonywuss
 With moms handling production, kiddie porn goes legit. --anon
 On day 14 of the Monstoro crisis, the whale allowed CNN access to a live statement from Gipetto. --Bill
 Despite the media exposure, the promotors failed to get enough people to pay to see the world's largest jockey shorts. --not elsie
 The newest exhibit at Disneyland "Rectum Walkthrough" was met with lackluster interest, and a boycott by the Southern Baptists --anon
 Really, nobody could have realized what Giggles The Clown meant by "a tribute to Budd Dwyer" until it was too late. And the screams of children rang for hours on Soundstage 11. --anon
 Cut! Get the fluffer in here while we change the 8-track. --alanon
 The folks in the Metro station couldn't believe what that purple-haired freak was doing to the trains. --Heath
 An awkward moment at best, Steve never forgave Wanda and Stacy for leaving him to talk to the boring robotoid alien from Altair 4. --Jason D. Sinclair
 A day on the set of "Ultraman at Twin Peaks". --Lee Harvey Press on Nails
 You're right. When it comes to children's television, nobody gives a shit anymore --Lee Harvey Press on Nails
 While everyone else was focused on the evangelist, Ted and Number Five debated whether or not they should go to Hawaii for the ceremonies. Ted was worried they'd think Number Five wasn't alive, Number Five worried that Ted's mother wouldn't accept him as Kosher, but they both agreed on Hawaii. --bigjim Conglomerate

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