IADL #170
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 As the defendents themselves describe it, the razor-edged boomerang was supposed to sail over the late Mr. Richardson's head and across the courtyard to cut the rope by which the late Mr. Vaugh was hanging. However, as the jury can plainly see ... --not elsie
 Sure, Bill drank. Sure, he'd blacked out before. Sure, he'd woken up dressed only in an undershirt before, and in some odd places. But this was a new one on him... --Shifter
 Fifty! Do I hear fifty-five? Going once, going twice, SOLD to the half-orc in the grey tunic for 50 zorkmids! --Heath
 Hey guys! Check out the SIZE of the turkey legs they serve here! --Doc Evil
 Proof that you can defecate on stage and there will still be screaming teenage girls. --ChoppingBlock
 "And a-one, and a-two.... Hangin' Tough! c'mon, everyone sing! Hangin' Tough!" --Bucky
 And on the eighth day He gave them tether ball and pointed sticks. And it was good. --Big ol' Bob
 Hrothgar tries to keep it real in 97, and kills three in the mosh pit with his mace. --Anonywuss
 The tranquil scene is disrupted by Robert Bly, tripping his brains out and bellowing about his father's rejection of him. --Anonywuss
 King dong revelled in the men's riveted stares as he went to wrap his dick around his waist the third time --no12no
 Everyone shows up at the IADL Wrap party: lesbians; fat, oddly dressed men; but everyone was really surprised when all the phallic symbols showed up! --Bill
 Ok, Now this half start! Row Row Row your boat ,gently down the stream...... --Noonan68
 As always Peter Parker made sure he had the best seat at the show. --Waldo
 Ok, ok... I bet ten buck I can hit him here! Just give me the ball! --Big Jim
 "Captain CAAAAAAVEMAN!" --Jim Ellwanger
 Zeus not only had Athena spring from his head, but also her twin brother Colostomius, a little known god of people who spen too much time on the internet. --alanon
 OK, everyone. Line up behind this loaf of French Bread. --Sean Hart
 King Arthur was unbeatable with his new bazooka. --ChAoS
 "OK, so we drop the guy off the tower, he lands in the tree, which topples over and hits that post, severing the wire which holds up the statue.." Just another Rube Goldberg Day at RenFaire --Geoduck
 As the crowd cheered Zorba the Greek on to another dance, a giant earthworm flew out of the ground in what was to become a VERY strange party... --Moe The Maneater
 The masses were much more interested in the hanging corpse of David Copperfield than they were in Rudy Coby's chainsaw-juggling act. --hippie
 As the game of Catch the Lance drew to a close, audience members moved off to watch the next game: Stop the Clock with your Groin. --Pastor of Muppets
 Damn, where do you guys live? --Pastor of Muppets
 While the ladies preoccupied themselves with looking up Yorick's shorts, the men gathered around King Arthur, shouting Chug! Chug! Chug! --Pastor of Muppets
 I had a dream like this once. I was the hanging man. The difference is, I was naked and the women were pelting me with ripe fruit.... --Pastor of Muppets

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