IADL #171
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 This reminds me... Whatever happend to the " Kroft Superstars "? --Doc Evil
 Son of Torgo. --Doc Evil
 Someone poke him in the tummy, see if he giggles... --Doc Evil
 Sanford Wallace (www.cyberpromo.com) living as a street urchin 3 months from now. --Do NOT accept cookies from www.cyberpromo.com!!!
 Well, it could be worse, what if she was breast feeding a child? --anon
 Gaultier should be murdered for creating this ready-to-wear seperate. --ChoppingBlock
 Boing, boing, boing, boing... --Capt. Ion
 Hi, I'm Kevin Sorbo. Things went bad after Hercules was cancelled..but I've bounced back with the new "Autosvelte" brand t-shirt! --Skywise
 "Yomp and Yiminy! I'm going to get some American poozy for shor!" --phonsux, yeah it was originally mine ;)
 Does this really need a caption? --Haze
 Long Hair, Clean Shirt, Leech on my arm... Every girl is crazy for a SHARP DRESSED MAN! --trashman
 You Rat Bastards! Quit making fun of my picture before I kill you all! --trashman
 Aaaah, that feels better; that prosthetic hook sure hits those hard to reach itches. --Johnny Raz
 Next on Sally- "Truckers who are Cher fans and the people who love them, despite their overwhelming urge to vomit". --Bad, bad, Leroy Brown
 Hmm, this is somebody that I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. On second thought, this is somebody I wouldn't want to meet. --anon
 From the people who brought you Hair-In-A-Can: New Chest-Hair-In-A-Can!!! That's right, the special formula sticks to and thickens your existing chest hair, while simultaneously subtly colouring the skin underneath... --A-Steevie-now-with-severe-stomach-pains
 20 minutes, three days a week with my "Ab-Flexer", and pow! Look at me now! I am sex! --BretttMaverick
 Get up. (Get on up). Get on up. (Get on up). Get on the scene. (Get on up). Like a Sex Machine. (Get on up). --BretttMaverick
 This just goes to show how sexist this country is; WOMEN can go topless, but MEN with breast implants can wear see-through shirts. Go figure. --anon
 A planet where APES evolved from MEN!? --DocEvil
 After seeing this guy, Stephen King and Chris Carter both quit work, knowing they could never come up with anything to match the horror they had just witnessed. --Ratman
 Fred Garvin, male prostitute. --Don Spudleone
 The IADL -- where nightmares are born! --Don Spudleone
 Lance, and other hot studs like him, are waiting to hear from you! Just $3.95 a minute. --Don Spudleone
 Robert Plant has really let himself go lately. --anon
 Laugh all you want to, this is the most effective armor at SCA tournaments. When people avert their eyes in horror, they leave themselves vulnerable. --alanon
 This looks like a good place for a Stick-up®! --Heath
 I know, why don't you guys just put up a banner that says "Bring back the Communications Decentcy Act"? --anon
 Hunh, I think my libido just died. --anon
 Damn, I'm a shoo-in for the wet T-shirt contest! --DieLifeDie
 Man, the prostitues in Las Vegas get scarier every year. --anon
 Aye! This picture will server me well on those lonely nights on the high seas. --anon
 The gene pool apparently needs a good cleaning. Let's start here. --The Lawyer
 Oh, God, Spinnwebe, I take it back: this is too much, this is the Most Disturbing IADL picture of all time! --Colin
 If you think this is perfect IADL fodder, check out the midget tossing competition on the right... --Colin
 Thousands of dedicated IADL followers either a) giggle hysterically and start a-typing, b) gawk and stare for hours on end, c) pass out, d) ask for his/her phone number... --Colin
 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Whew. I'm okay now. I just...wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! --The decapitated fed
 Okay, they said the Flashing-Gothic-She-Males-Meeting was past the trees, take a right when you see the Squating Midget. --Colin
 I must have typed in the wrong URL; this is evidently www.good-christ-in-heaven-no!!!.com --Colin
 One word - Meatloaf! --Riff
 You know, if those breasts were a bit larger, I'd feel completely different about this picture. --Riff
 Should we be seeing this?!?! --Riff
 YAAAAAHHG! Where's a Dalek when you need one? --Riff
 Guys! You put the wrong picture up! This ain't the nipple server! --Riff
 Ban X-Ray glasses NOW! --Marlboro
 The perfect diversion! While I play with my trouser snake, the hapless citizens can only stare at my supple pouting breasts! --Marlboro
 Alotta people say "What's that?" It's Pat! Allota people say who's he...or she?.... --Marlboro
 Oh no! My roll of mentos is gone! Now how am I going to get into the fair? --anon
 Passed over for the title role in Xena, Murray ambles over to Studio 6, where the Men Behaving Badly auditions were about to begin. --Heath
 Tired of ugly men who think they are sexy, Mabel readies her bazooka for firing. --Emil Blovin
 One day, Randy Quaid decided he needed to do a little something just for himself. --Shifter
 But I thought Divine was dead! --Jim Ellwanger
 "Goddamn, I know I'm bitchin'. And I know eveyone else knows it too." --phonsux
 Man, I can smell his beer breath from my keyboard. --phonsux

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