IADL #172
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 And so it was off to the glue factory for the two unyielding spawns of satan. --cHris
 When they said this place had Port-A-Potties, I didn't think they were these. --Don Spudleone
 "I've got a convertible, you said. I've got a chauffeur, you said..." --Shifter
 It's the Whacky Whale Wagon! Woo hoo! --tv's Spatch
 I'm sorry, I can't think of anything funny for this picture. I still can't get that last picture out of my head. I still can see it when I shut my eyes. *shudder* --alanon
 New BudgetCab for Midgets. --Arid Al
 You know, back in my day, we had to walk! --Heath
 The inspector could tell the children were under the legal limit. --DieLifeDie
 John, the chain-smoker, excitedly drags his family to tour the world's largest cigarette butt. --Empress of the Universe
 I'd make that face too if I had dozens of grown-up butts starin' at me at eye level. --phonsux
 Look, I'm all for alternative fuel sources, but c'mon... --Shifter
 Piping hot kids! Get your fresh whitebread, Barney-liking, squalling brats here! --Skywise
 Dermit, the pugilistic amputee, stands in defence of the wagon bound children. --phonsux
 The new Yugo -- rated number one in its class. --Heath
 Little Jaimie hated sharing her wagon with her mutant uncle Steve. --Riff
 Julie found herself trapped in a plastic wagon with an evil troll only she could see ... --Riff
 Y'know, I don't usually pick up hitch-hikers ... --Riff
 Be quiet! If one of you makes another peep, your brother comes out of the backpack and you go in. --Marlboro
 This is what I get for buying a Volkswagen Jetta! --Marlboro
 Jack arrives at the Pederasts' Swap Meet just in time. --Emil Blovin
 "Sonny, pull the cah over here. Lucabrotsi, I wan' ya to do a fava for me." "Shoy, Don Corlione, anything you say . . . ." --phonsux
 "Stupid, plastic, ergonomically correct, environmentally safe wagon. I want a Radio Flyer that'll dump me on my head!" --phonsux
 Janie's first source of trauma: IADL catching her the moment her brother stretches his legs and touches her "there." --yep, anon

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