IADL #173
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 As luck would have it, somewhere in the crowd is an undercover Milk Crate Retrieval Agent, authorized to use lethal force if deemed necessary. --DoomTrout
 Miranda desperately tries to push her bicycle out of frame before the leering IADL crowd spots her... Mmm... spandex... --Shifter
 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Bang On A Goddamn Bucket. --anon
 The Precision Milking Team performs valiantly despite the absence their Holsteins. --DieLifeDie
 Damn Tamagotchi died again! How's yours doin, LeVar? --Doc Evil
 "Sentimental Journey" as performed by the Flatulence3 Boxcrate Orchestra. --ChoppingBlock
 "Play at your wedding for a dollar? Anyone?" --Bucky
 "Ok you guys, on 3 we hit the accelerators and tear through this crowd like a hot knife through butter. You ready? One... two..." --Bucky
 "Hanson" in a few short years. --Skywise
 "Take a look, mon! We're seetting on fookin' milk cartons. Do you really need another Eagles Compact Disk? Fahckin' give us a dollar!" --phonsux
 The Bucket Drummers of Burundi on tour now! --Anonywuss
 The new and stringent recycling guidelines went into effect today. --The Hawg Ridin' Fool
 "By God- these milk crates will NOT end up in some college dorm room! As long as we, the Protectors of the Milk Crates are alive, these milk crates will stay here to serve their God-given purpose- to store milk for the young ones! --Aunt Cake
 Spike Lee's lesser noticed film "Get on the Crate" did well with critics but was poorly recieved by the public. --anon
 Filling in for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the Three Milkbox Riders of Harlem. --Don Spudleone
 My how the mighty Run DMC has fallen.... --Don Spudleone
 Dan found the public accordion lessons to be humiliating. --GrimJim
 Hey, didn't you guys use to be Milli Vannilli? --Colin
 Don't worry, our Live Masturbation show just needs to catch on some... --Colin
 The latest enstallment of Roots did poorly in the ratings. --Riff
 Never leave your calypso band unattended in an unsafe area. If you look away for a second, they'll be resting on milk crates! --Riff
 Hava Negila ... Hava Negila ... --Riff
 The next day, they came up with the idea to paint themselves blue, and their lives changed forever. --Riff
 "Ohhhh Mandy! You came and you gave without taking ..." --Riff
 When you gotta go, you gotta go. --Marlboro
 We are all in our early twenties. We are brothers. And we poop in milk crates. --Marlboro
 Field Day at the School for the Begging Arts. --Emil Blovin

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