IADL #174
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 "You get back here with my shirt this instant, do you understand? --Wanker
 Oh, The humanity! --John Buchner
 Well, so much for the Goodyear blimp. --Riff
 As the giant ship appeared and began abducting the team, the spectators just stood and gawked. --Riff
 No 7-11 in sight, Lucy tried, in vain, to milk herself. --BretttMaverick
 ... and Arthur Dent activated the improbability drive, conjuring up a very confused sperm whale in mid-air ... --Riff
 The things we go through to see a little breast on IADL ... --Riff
 Coping a feel or the nose pick? Breast or bugger? humina humina --phonsux
 Doris, thanks for the safety pin! I feel like such a pig! Help me back out of here before my pants split any more ! --not elsie
 Shut up Beavis! You untie it! --Anonywuss
 Backstage with Joan Jett at the Somerset County Fair. --Anonywuss
 Bathe her and bring her to ME... --Doc Evil
 It's Spinnwebe's Torso-Mania '97! --Doc Evil
 As he peered out from behind the porta-potty, Jimmy wondered if he would ever get a chance to see some boobies up close. --almost cool
 Janine looked up in horror as the alien mothership hovered omminously overhead. She would not allow herself to be captured and anally probed again. --almost cool
 Shit, they're deflating! --Colin
 Wanda's pool party is rudely interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Visitor shuttlecraft. --Shifter
 As the crowd stared in horror at the pending catastrophe, Diana Prince stepped into the shadows and began her transformation. Maybe she'd put on a couple pounds, but dammit, she was still a superheroine. --Capt. Ion
 Today's the day/ The wonderful day/ The white trash have their picnic! --Shifter
 That is one big, fat, satisfied leech. --tv's Spatch
 I believe this violates at least seventeen public health ordinances. In a row. --tv's Spatch
 Sarah Jane stepped out of the TARDIS, ready for the beach holiday. But something was different - snow on the ground - the Doctor had messed up again! --tv's Spatch
 Equal Opportunity means women get to go topless on IADL too! --Emil Blovin
 I really like the Navy's new uniforms. --DieLifeDie
 This is a picture of your sister you used to use as a bookmark, right? --Noover
 Slowly but surely, the carnivorous podbeing emerged from its tight Lycra cocoon. --The Interrupting Cow
 Ruthie-Mae! Winfield! You younguns git back in the house! Them dogs'll tear you up if'n they catch y'uns in that junk yard! --Malboro
 There comes a time in every woman's life when she must come to terms with the fact that it's time to put the bikini top in the attic. This moment came and went without this woman's ever noticing. --Marlboro

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