IADL #176
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 Mother Nature tried in vain to disguise herself, unfortuantely her "planty" hair gave her away... --Evil Ed
 This is what it looks like when Wonder Woman bonks her head on the invisible jet. --Evil Ed
 Sharla thought, "Next guy who asks me "Who wears short shorts" is gonna fuckin' DIE!!!" Meanwhile, Bob admired her legs and thought of a good pickup line... --Evil Ed
 <shakes head> Kelp is good for hair, not as hair... --Heath
 She finally found the sunscreen, but it was too late. Smoke was already pouring violently out of her shoulders and soon her whole head would burst into flames. --whoever
 Dali gibbered with glee as he used his new-found powers over reality to graft a nearby tree to the unsuspecting woman's head. --Stealth
 I know the guy said the magic monkey paw was evil, but who woulda thought wishing for a pair of roller blades would turn my head into cactus? --Lance Hall
 The chick from Species emerges again from her cocoon, this time with rollerblades! --Riff
 Poison Ivy noticed odd reactions whenever she'd sneeze. --Riff
 Once again, a possibly cute girl, and Spinnwebe gets a crapy photo of her. He can shoot the hell out of topless guys! This is more frustrating than a Holiday Inn adult movie channel! --Up on the bell-tower
 Izzat R2D2 gettin' some sort of handjob by an old fan? --phonsux
 Spontaneous disintegration, don't let it happen to you. --ChAoS
 "Yup, as street performers go," thinks Sid, "I'd take a Venusian shapeshifter over a mime or juggler any day." --DoomTrout
 The new "Chia-Broad" was not the rousing success the manufacturers had hoped for. --The Hawg Ridin' Fool
 Look at the chick...Wow...Nice lookin girl...I hope she doesn't notice my hand in the garbage.. --Noonan68
 The Teamsters couldn't help but watch as the massive lufa sponge clamped down on the unsuspecting woman's head... --Shifter
 Scott walked off toward the matchmakers tent, unaware that Shelia had been hit in the head by Spawn's cape. --Casey Jones
 God interjects some humor in life, 'erasing' Lillith's head, Warner Brothers-style, in front of amused onlookers --Skywise
  . . . . and these dumb girlies cry 'bout gettin' raped. Christ, in my day, Bert thought, fishing for who knows what in the garbage, an ankle woulda sent a man into spurting convulsions, let alone a bare knee. 'course, things had gone t' Hell once Truman was president . . . . --phonsux
 Cousin It stops to get a snapshot of Rudy The Janitor with his arm in the goodies again. --trashman
 Next on "The Secret World of Alex Mack", Alex's head loses molecular cohesion just as the wind picks up... --Wanker
 A loud kabooom marked the end of the fern's occupancy in the woman's head. --Colin
 The Emerald City, and it's even more lovely and beautiful than I had imagined!!---no wait, I'm still here in Chicago with a bad perm, shit. --Colin
 Somebody boil some water! That woman is giving birth to a duffle bag! --Marlboro
 Willard hung out by the trash can. "Yes. She will be mine before the day is out. What line shall I use. Ah yes...'Your tits are nearly as nice as mine.'" --Marlboro
 "With New Kai's Head Destroyer, you can turn anyones noggin into a blurry mass of nothingness." --almost cool
 Let's see... One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred... Wow! Business is much better here than at the waterfront downtown! --Ratman
 "We have been your tools too long!" exclaimed the knapsack as it attacked her leg. --Caine
 Lorraine looked down in horror...Her crotch parachute deployed too soon! --I'm with stoopid-->

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