IADL #177
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 And me without my maple syrup-filled ballons...Dang... --Doc Evil
 *snapping* `I got Rhythm... I got music...' *snapping* --trashman
 Target Acquired, ills. #325 in Gallagher's NEA proposal for the Smart Watermelon Bomb. --who said that?
 "You put your right arm in, you put your right arm out.... Hey, where are you guys goin'? This dance doesn't do itself!" --TBone's House O' Hokey Pokey
 Peter Parker, just flaunting it! --Big Jim
 The Super-Glue-on-the-boots practical joke seemed real funny before the taxi came along. --ChoppingBlock
 The first pictures from the orbiting Mars probe weren't very reassuring... --Bucky
 Don't you wish you'd had a rifle instead of a camera? I mean, don't you really? --The Lawyer
 "I'm so happy doin' the Neutron Dance..." --anon
 Just because we can build a smart bomb doesn't mean we can give it a tasteful target. --DieLIfeDie
 Using 4 billion dollar high resolution spy satellites the U.S. government can prove anyone is a loser. --DieLifeDie
 Constable Jerry totally fucks up his first undercover crack deal. --BretttMaverick
 Yet another tragic victim of Eddie, the seagull with the runs. --Ratman
 As he continued to shrink, the curb transformed into a daunting stone barrier! --Riff
 It's just a jump to the left....And then a step to the riiiite! Come ON you guys!!! --Frank-n-furter
 Murray likes the feel of Macadam pavement under his feet. He really likes it. --phonsux
 Hmmm, should I play chicken with the bus or the Peterbilt? --phonsux
 Another 3 feet, then drop the anvil.. --anon
 "There, that's better. If I ever catch the guy who bent this sidewalk, boy, will he be sorry." --DoomTrout
 The long-awaited sequel to IADL #143, Man on Concrete II: The Quic... oh, that's right. Damn. --Emil Blovin
 "Falling from the Sears Tower will crack the concrete," Harry thought, moments before his tibia rammed through his nostrils. --Emil Blovin
 I thought Wacky Wallwalkers went out in the 80's! --Shifter
 Fifth place, Windows wallpaper contest. --Capt. Ion
 The oppression just wasn't the same for Helmut after the Berlin wall was gone. --Skywise
 No man is an island, but someone is about to become a speed bump. --phonsux
 Another photographer fails to get a decent pic of Uncle Roy. Makes you wonder if someone's keepin' his identity safe, eh? --phonsux
 Life for the white Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robot was pretty lonely after the black robot disappeared. --Heath
 "Uh, left...right...damn, this is harder than it looks." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Hey, is that...? Yeah, it _is_ my imminent doom over there. And it's headed this way." --The Interrupting Cow
 1...2...3....redlight! --Waldo
 Great. An earthquake not 10 feet from me. And now my laxative's starting to work. --Marlboro
 Dave stopped walking abruptly. That crack in the sidewalk wasn't there a minute ago, he thought. Is it following me? No, no, it can't be... --agm
 "Nobody will see me masturbating on the top of this roof", thought Joespeh. --anon

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