IADL #178
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 A&E is proud to present the latest installment of `Great Navel Battles of the 20th Century'. --trashman
 With his nipples and belly button forming the "Triangle of doom" Kenny figured he would make short work of the universe. --ZEUS'S THUNDERBOLT WIELDER
 ...and you just KNOW that his personal ad reads: 6-2, 185 # studmuffin ISO slim love bunny for hot nights of passion! --Jessica Steinhice
 What's this? My blubber is picking up the tiny vibrations of a far-off cry for help! Blast! If my golf cart weren't in the shop I could be there in under half an hour! --Wildman
 Those Japanese baseball mascots sure are zany-lookin'! --Don Spudleone
 "Male Pregnancy tonight on Current Affair...WHANNGGG!" --ChoppingBlock
 Undercover child welfare agents were quick to remove the Velasquez children once Maria, in a drug-induced frenzy, inserted a 2x4 into her skull and started screaming "Catch me I'm a unicorn" --BretttMaverick
 You're determined to give us all nightmares, aren't you Spinnwebe? --Riff
 This guy isn't required to wear a shirt, but attractive women are. Where are our priorities? --His Imperial Majesty
 Hon's torso gasps in surprise at the low beer prices at the consession stand. --phonsux
 Little Maria watched her daddy's rounding stomach eagerly, delighted by the fact that she would soon have a new baby brother or sister to play with. --kristina the astonishing
 Bring back the Communications Decency Act! --anon
 Little Julie was so tramatized by this incident that she became a lesbian. --anon
 The Second Coming of Buddha. --DoomTrout
 After changing in a handy phone-booth, mild mannered Lenny reappeared as "Tittyman," fighter of evil! --The Hawg Ridin' Fool
 Must be in the second trimester. --Shifter
 Lifestyles of the poor and repulsive. --DieLifeDie
 "No, no, no!! I said 'beer gut,' not 'bare gut!' Who let this guy in here?" --DieLifeDie
 Having lost command of the Excelsior Sulu retired to a trailer park and went to pot. --DieLifeDie
 Oh No! There goes Tokyo! Go Go Godzilla! --Casey Jones
 John Woo's next action packed thriller: Broken Wasteband --phonsux
 No matter the continent, trailer trash is trailer trash. --phonsux
 Little Noriko used to love taking her inflatable "Shiro Shingen" doll with her to the park.... --Jason D. Sinclair
 Japanese forest spirits known as Tengu have tried for years to pass themselves off as humans. Obviously, with the example shown above, they have failed miserably. --Jason D. Sinclair
 More evidence for the argument that the photographer should also be restricted by Difficult Zones... --Heath
 Well, at least he's comfortable with his body. Nobody else in a forty-mile radius is, though. --The Interrupting Cow
 The declining years of Trent Reznor. --The Interrupting Cow
 "Ah! There's the sign! 'Weebles Reunion'...c'mon, this way, kids..." --Wanker
 "My breasts are freed! No longer shall I shackle myself with the fetters of clothing! I am free to bounce and jounce! I can sag, and sag with pride! Look on me, world! I am the Boobie Monster!" --Marlboro
 This is what Disney World would look like without the magic of those adorable Mickey Mouse costumes. --Marlboro
 Hiroki decided at that moment that the next person to come up to him and ask if they could rub his belly and make a wish would be sumo-ed into oblivion. --almost cool
 Micheal Jackson 20 years from now after his plastic surgery goes to hell --anon

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