IADL #181
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 After inadvertently inflating his blow-up doll with helium . . . well, you know the rest! --Heath
 "Just put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking out the door..." --ChoppingBlock
 jimbo discovers the problems of having a detachable penis. --omni & kat
 Its geektastic!! Its nerdrific!! Watch a man with a college education humiliate an innocent wooden doll! --DieLifeDie
 Jeffy the Dense and Bil the Fondler appear in a rare print of "Feudal Family Circus." --DieLifeDie
 Well, I'll be. No matter how bad my life is, somebody really does have it worse. --tv's Spatch
 What I wouldn't give for one geek in Spock ears right about now. --DieLifeDie
 MOMMY!!! That lady's trying to touch my secret no-no place!!! Wait a second...I...yeah...I kind of like it. --Marlboro
 Git back here! Gimme all your hot and sweaty midget lovin'! --Marlboro
 An early pilot for "The Six Million Dollar Man" was marred by poor special effects. --Heath
 There's a sick phallic message here I ain't even touching. --Skywise
 Anne Rice's The Taking of Pinocchio --Emil Blovin
 Aw cripes... Is this that damn " Men Without Hats " video? C'mon, give those poor Dwarves a break! --Doc Evil
 "Hey, homunoculi...can't live with 'em...heh-heh...c'mere you little shit..." --The Interrupting Cow
 Suddenly, my life doesn't seem quite so lame anymore... --Doc Evil
 Ghipetto nabs Pinnoccio before the little shit bites somebody in the ass. --phonsux
 Alicia snickers over her shoulder at another poor tourist that she managed to out drink. --phonsux
 Please! Touch my monkey! --Riff
 Either that's a monkey with one arm, one leg, and an enormous schlong, or I'm on all the wrong drugs! --Riff
 This is one wierd-ass conga line ... --Riff
 While she was distracted by the monkey's antics, Josef the Blacksmith took the opportunity to sample the bakery wench's buns. --Riff
 Spinnwebe tries his hand at Salvador Dali-esque expressionism. --Colin
 That's one huge and god-ugly churro! --Colin
 James knew that his standing with the Amish would be eliminated once they saw the shiny, silk garter belt that had just slid below his knee. --almost cool
 Scene from 'Child's Play VI': Our protagonist isn't able to completely kill off the demonic Chucky doll, but he is able to 'pants' him. --agm
 The adult version of his show starts at 10pm. --Sean Hart
 Suddenly, Pedophilia Pat's life size sex doll caught a nail in the left foot and rapidly deflated. How embarrassing.. --anon
 After having snuck into the medieval NAMBLA meeting, Pinocchio decides he doesn't want to be a Real Boy after all. --Stealth

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