IADL #182
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 "To be or not to be?" "Hey, bub, I just pull the beer." --Shifter
 I had to skin Ye Olde Couch for this coat. --Eville Ed
 That is the biggest polyp I've ever seen. How can he eat sitting right next to that?! --tv's Spatch
 Sir Loosalot searched the land far and wide for the Holy Penis Enlarger of Antioch. --DieLifeDie
 "Somehow I thought my brain would be bigger..." --DieLifeDie
 "Two haggis combos, super-sized, one with mead, one with diet mead." --Heath
 "Has someone turned in my self-respect?" --Heath
 ID? I..uhhm.. left my wallet in the carriage. --Skywise
 Sir Guido says, like, if you don't honor him with silver, a dragon might take a fancy to your shop, know what I mean? --Emil Blovin
 The necromancer reeled back in horror: of all the people he had to resurrect, why did it have to be Liberace? --Emil Blovin
 Could I have some more of those tasty little hog's balls? --anon
 "Damn, this poncing about and annoying the tourists is _damn_ thirsty work. Get me a Budweiser." --The Interrupting Cow
 Is this a flashback for " Forever Knight " or " Highlander? --Doc Evil
 "You're the only one who understands me, yellow bag." --Jim Ellwanger
 Fur cape and a three piece suit? What? Is this some FBI agent tryin' to blend in? Sheesh! --phonsux
 Well, no, thirty pounds of rendered fat was not quite what I had in mind... --Dr. Zam
 In all the two-farthing mead-taverns in all the hamlets in all the kingdom, why did she have to walk into mine? --Riff
 Mike, do you find me attractive? --Riff
 "You are a pathetic closet case who couln't get a date if he tried." Damn, these fortune cookies are uncanny! --Riff
 Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...everywhere I go, I see giant scrotums. --Colin
 I'll take a Ye Olde Corne Dogge, an order of Kinge's Curlie Fryes, and a flagon of Jolt. --Ye Olde Imperial Majesty
 Agent Mulder questions the concession stand owner after he coughs up another fluke worm. --Ratman
 "I'm the gansta of love. I got fuzzy dice on my console, and deez nuts iz gonna be bangin' on yo tonsils! Word UP!" --almost cool
 Although it was 95+ degrees outside, Nanook would not shed the 50-pound chinchilla coat that he had crafted by hand. --almost cool
 Great Scott! Thine crack rock is handed down from the Heavens --Sean Hart
 Bless me father, for I have sinned. I have commited several unnatural acts with farm animals and large men in mesh shirts and I'm dressed in this Really outrageous outfit! --I'm with Stoopid
 "So, let me get this right -- if I hit that swine with this pearl, I win the giant stuffed panda?" --Heath
 "It was awful. Ferdinand was so gentle, so sweet, so full of love...we were happy together. What cruel fate put us on opposing sides in that bullfighting ring?" --Stealth
 "...so she sayeth she was going to leave if I didn't stop tupping the serving wench...Eddie, thou art my best friend, you always listen...give me another double" --anon
 ...And the itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout again! --The decapitated sailor
 Can you believe I paid $4000 for this damned ring, and Juliet kills herself! Bitch. --Ralph

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