IADL #183
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 Lieutenant Worf and Data agreed to name their holofantasy White Water after I ixnayed Captain's Log. --Heath
 Who knows what Evil rides the flumes of men? The Shadow knows... --Shifter
 "Damn that Lord Hades," Charon thought, "What was wrong with the nice old-fashioned gondola?" --Riff
 To publicize Hercules, Disney purchased the river Styx from Charon and converted it into a water park. --Riff
 Ummm ... is this flume supposed to stop in the midle like this? --Riff
 "heh heh heh heh 'log' heh heh he said 'log' huh huh huh 'log'...." --agm
 The cottage cheese flume! --Doc Evil
 Thanks to his new Ultra-Shades, Dracula was finally able to join the Mummy and Wolfman on their trips to the amusment park... --Geoduck
 Mommy, look, I can see over the cliff at the end of the slide! --anon
 Every first Saturday in July the shadow people gather together and visit WallyWorld. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 The new ride at Six Flags........The Elvis 40-pound Colon Shaped Waterslide! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Death rides the flume with a zombie. Film at Eleven --Moe The Maneater
 I don't get it. The First Lady's gonna be indicted over a flume ride? --Shifter
 Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would appear that this is simply a picture of C3PO and Chewbacca enjoying a day at the waterpark. --Marlboro
 "...and here is where they're sprayed with water and detergent, just before they're stunned and their throats cut." --The Interrupting Cow
 This would have been a really fun ride if it didn't empty into the septic tanks. --The Interrupting Cow
 In retrospect, it wasn't a good idea to connect the waterslide to the bumper cars. --The Interrupting Cow
 I regret nothing! --Colin
 Thousands of years or sweat, toil, suffering, and bloodshed, and this is what we have to show for ourselves. --DieLifeDie
 NOTE TO SELF... From now on, try to avoid the Guatemalan mass transit system. --Chromepaperclip
 The log launched gently, clearing the sign with ease, but not, sadly, achieving any sort of stable orbit. Minor injuries ensued. --Bucky
 The very controversial "Tolerance Test" at the Incontinence Clinic. --Emil Blovin
 "NOW are you gonna pull over and ask for directions?" --Heath
 Jeepers, Shaggy! Bigfoot's right behind you! --mantis epiphany
 And just to add even more adventure and excitement, a live gorilla rides in the back of each vehicle! --MutantDog

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