IADL #184
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 When will I start seeing some tan on this leg? --- Johnny Raz
 Bus stop, waiting, she's there, I say "Please share my copy of Swank." --tv's Spatch
 This season's MTV'S Real World examines the wacky hijinks of two total strangers living together in a bus stop! --radio show
 For her partner's birthday, Marilyn decided to do an erotic dance, but Jennie didn't even look up from her paper! Dr. Laura was right, her lover was losing interest! --Haze
 I want to know how he got this far in a full body cast. --DieLifeDie
 Sure it was cheap, but Janet didn't like having her apartment subdivided. --DieLifeDie
 The new minimum security prison conviently located at the corner of Fifth and Maple. --DieLifeDie
 As his left leg went off to find its fortune alone, Don was glad that he decided to bring his spare with him this morning --Moe The Maneater
 Hopelessly lost in the Hall of Mirrors! --Marlboro
 Marsha thought to herself, "If that freak scoots one more inch closer to me, this size nine is gonig straight in his colon." --Marlboro
 Murray, don't look now, but I think your other leg is about to get away. --Marlboro
 "Look at you... I told you you weren't finished, Mister 'I'm-Ready-To-Come-Out-Of-The-Pod.' You aren't fooling anyone." --The Interrupting Cow
 Unfortunately, the Michelin Man was a regular fixture in the neighborhood, bumming change and reliving his glory days. Jane tried her best to ignore him. --The Interrupting Cow
 "It says Libra: You will fall down a flight of stairs and break your leg. Ha! Too bad this wasn't yesterday's horoscope, huh?" --Wanker
 "Yessirre... Says here that it's almost impossible to break your leg while having sex with a midget... what do ya say about that Aaron?... Huh?" --BIg Jim
 Dorothy and the Tin Crackpot in the classic film, "The Wixard of Bronx". --The decapitated jerk
 "Ok, on three I fall over into her lap... she'll look into my eyes, wipe the drool from my chin, and be mine forever!" --Bucky
 While Addie read, Robbie drowsed. Neither noticed the tank coming until it crashed through the glass..." --Bucky
 Most men don't approach Lara a second time. --Heath
 Once you get used to the decomposing corpses of the homeless, the Big Apple's not such a bad place to live. --MutantDog
 Jane pretended not to notice as the hunchbacked gunman made his getaway. "God," she thought, "it's times like this I wish I were back in Iowa." --mutantdog

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