IADL #185
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 I tell you, in just six months, you could be working in K-mart, too! --Riff
 The fun begins at Puckerfest '97. --Big ol' Bob
 "Hey, toots, piss off. Hank and me are talkin' men-talk." --Stealth
 This here bracelet cured my rhumatiz. Fifty bucks and it's yours. --radio show
 "Well, some folks go for your Mule Dong®, but, I tell ya what, the old Anal Intruder® is still sellin' pretty good." --Ngoc
 ...and then Fermat wrote, "I have discovered a marvelous caption for this picture, which this HTML form is too small to contain." The mystery of Fermat's Last Caption would be unsolved for years. --Heath
 "If you think that's something, Bob, step right over here and feast your eyes on what might well be the largest drill bit collection in North Dakota" --mutantdog
 Sean Connery & Roger Moore reminisce about their days with the Bond babes. --- Johnny Raz
 "No, the song is called 'Hike Up Your Pants', and it goes a little something like this..." --tv's Spatch
 Yes, the fun never stops at Earl's Museum of Outhouse Holes. --tv's Spatch
 Hey, Smails, your grandkid Spalding is out back pickin' his nose again. --Don Spudleone
 Depends Undergarments changing station? Sure, it's just over there. --Don Spudleone
 How much for the women? --anon
 Look I've told you at LEAST ten times...I'm not interested in seeing your damn dingaling! Now if you don't get the hell away from me, I'm calling a cop! --Moe The Maneater
 Well, she is kinda beat looking, but since she's your daughter, and since you brought her all this way, I'll give you 50 bucks, and 20% off any of these fishing lures on this rack for her...BUT, she DAMN well better be a virgin! --Moe The Maneater
 "Outta my way, geezer!" "You talkin' ta me?" --Big ol' Bob
 "Grandma?" "No Bill, it's Hank, your old partner from the law firm. You really should go back on your medication, Bill." --Shifter
 Sir, I don't know who you are, but unless you got fifty dollars in that hand, you better get it out of my pocket. --Marlboro
 See this watch? I stole it off a dead hooker. --Marlboro
 "...Of course if you do buy we'll have that tilt fixed." --DieLifeDie
 "Have my daughter back by 11:00, young man." "WHAT? SPEAK UP!" "I SAID..." --Evil Ed
 I understand, Mr. Helmes. He's your...friend. Of course. --The decapitated penguin
 They got size settings, so they'll fit any wrist. And they're very easy to use. Just snap 'em on, and you got, "Master, don't hurt me!" --The decapitated plymptoon
 "No, you're my little mister wiggle-cheeks!" --Bucky
 As the men-folk discussed directions, Tina gazed into the distance. Soon they'd be at the ranch, and the standoff could begin. --Bucky
 Unlike O.J., Dave Thomas keeps his promise to search the globe for the "real killer" of Wendy. --Emil Blovin
 "Why, sure, Roy, Wal-mart has a fine selection, but if you want to make a really bold fashion statement, I say it's worth the extra twenty mile drive to Sears" --MutantDog
 And I've been handcuffed to this wall ever since... --Colin

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