IADL #186
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 For some reason, I look at this picture and the word " Oregon " just suddenly springs to mind. Odd... --Doc Evil
 After many financial disappointments, David Geffern, Steven Spielberg, and Jefferey Katzenberg take their show on the road to raise money. --- Johnny Raz
 "How many times must a man pick his nose / Before he reaches his brain? Come on, everybody! The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..." --tv's Robert Zimmerman
 Your IROC car better be a tank / When you roll past Community National Bank! -Northfield, MN rap group Bone Thugs N-Armory --blatantly stolen from the Carletonian
 Damn! I've been ripped off! I paid big bucks to see Peter, Paul, and Murray?? --Ratman
 Cool. Openers for a hanging! Nice Scafolding. --phonsux
 It's only three seconds before Milk and Cheese beat the living shit out of them. --DieLifeDie
 They Might Be Losers --Riff
 Even though they pled in surprisingly-good 3-part harmony, J. P. Morgan approached the gong, mallet in hand... --Stealth
 Turned out it wasn't so hard to get backstage at the Arkansas State Fair after all --MutantDog
 Shake, shake, shake yer forbidden parts! Woo-hoo! --Doc Evil
 We're " Cold Slither ", you'll be joinin' us soon! A Band of Vipers, playin' our tune! CO-BRAAAAA!!! --Doc Evil
 They really weren't that good, but the fact that Fred "played" an AK-47 instead of a guitar always encouraged a positive response from the audience. --Geoduck
 As Bill, Mark, and Andy stepped boldly up to the mics, they were greeted with a stunning lack of noise. "Hellooooooooo New, uh," Bill squinted at the play list, "...York!" It was going to be a long tour. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 This is an MTV news break......The Ramones have announced they have been "born-again" and now plan to tour with the "Promise Keepers" rallies. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Wow! The 10,000 Maniacs have really gone down the shitter since Natalie Merchant left. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 At Lower Merion High School, "talent show" was a bit of a misnomer. --anon
 The last of a miserable series, MTV's Stryper: Unplugged program proved so unpopular, not even the sound crew showed up. --Noah Vail
 The New Kids on the Block: Where are they now? --anon
 Steal money from your mother, buy a gun / We destroy the family / We destroy the family / Kill your mother and your father. We destroy... --His Imperial Majesty
 "All right! We love you!! Giant marshmallow audiences are the best audiences in the world!!!" --Shifter
 Hey! Who'd have thought they'd have Skrewdriver at the county fair? --The Interrupting Cow
 Marilyn Manson: The Lost "Respectable" Years. --The Interrupting Cow
 Hi, we're the "Clean Cut Suburban Bastards" and this is our version of "Fuck Christmas" by FEAR... --Evil Ed
 Okay, who hid our speakers? C'mon guys, where are they? --Evil Ed
 As God was to demonstrate seconds later, even He hates country music. --Bucky
 "Thanks, once again, we're 'White Guys With Guitars', and we're here all weekend. Enjoy the truck show!" --Bucky
 Nothing evacuates a building faster than a country version of "I'm Too Sexy". --Heath
 "Damn the luck! Backstage passes to the Monkees reunion concert, and we can't even see Mickey." --Mutantdog
 It was a bad night for Dave. One chord was out of tune, and he plum forgot the other one. --Heath
 Sadly, they decided the guitar, garden hose, and really long stick weren't cut out for a great new band. --Empress of the Universe

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