IADL #187
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 Yeah, I like Victorian era literature myself... Wanna come to my place for a little Dickens? --Doc Evil
 Jeff turns away after he catches the smell of vomit on her breath. --- Johnny Raz
 God's mistake 213: Angles with big boobs. --John Buchner
 Barberlla hits a party. --John Buchner
 YES! YES! YES! OH, YES! ... oh, um, hello. Nice website you got here. --Pastor of Muppets (with at least ONE hand on the keyboard. At all times. Usually. Ahem.)
 Hey baby, Got Milk? --Riff
 You wanna come back to my place? Just no screaming; Mom's a light sleeper. --Riff
 Say - are those still under warranty? --Riff
 So, how's life in Rivendell these days? --Dr. Zam
 Come to Hell Tavern for Happy Hour tonight, mingle with the servants of Satan, possibly give birth to the next Dark Prince... --Colin
 Well, gee, you're right. I can't touch my elbows behind my back. Say, what are you staring at? --The Lawyer
 "If just one more drunken transsexual heroin addict comes on to me tonight,", Linda thought to herself, "I swear I'll never wear the leather halter top and spurs downtown again." --whoever
 "Excuse me, miss, have you heard the Word of Our Lord Jesus?" --DoomTrout
 "Hello, ma'am. My name is Harm. I'm afraid you're in my way." --DoomTrout
 My what a lovely neck you have there, so white, so pure, so... --Hans the Happy Vampire
 Excuse me, would you like to go to my place to avoid the flood of Vampire captions? --Haze
 Let's sit down for a minute; my breasts are killing me. --anon
 Wow you're right! Your hickey does look like Elvis! --Moe The Maneater
 Lori, just between you and me, you are a dog --Moe The Maneater
 If this asshole grabs my crotch ONE more time, I'm going to puncture his back with your tits! --Moe The Maneater
 Hungh, so this is what a lesbian bar looks like. --anon
 That's five pounds of hooters in a three-pound hooter capacity dress. --His Imperial Majesty
 Quick Quiz: which one of these people was born a woman? Bzzt! Trick question! None of them were! --Shifter
 From the creators of Where's Waldo: Spot Marilyn Manson --Shifter
 Excuse me, nurse? This is the worst doctor's office I've ever gone to. The music is too loud, you're not wearing a regulation uniform, and I've been standing here for an hour and no one will take my urine specimen! --Marlboro
 This is the hippest Tom Jones show I've ever been to. --Marlboro
 "This week on 'Doesn't Stand A Chance'..." --The Interrupting Cow
 "What is it? It's all warm and soft and squishy...its hair is longer than mine." --The Interrupting Cow
 "If I'd ever left my room, I'd know what to do at this very moment." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Hey sweet thing, if you're wasted I'm the gal for you." Frank said in his sexiest voice. --DieLifeDie
 "Hell, I think it looks tight enough. Tell ya what, wait until I finish my beer and then I'll take your corset in another notch." --Wanker
 "What's wrong?" "I think one of my ben-wah balls just slipped..." --Wanker
 I'd like drink for my friend, and another to spill on her cleavage, please. --Evil Ed
 Oh my GOD, there is someone with SHORT HAIR! That is so, like, NOT goth... --Evil Ed
 The Situation: You're a swinging single at a nightclub. You have a couple of drinks in you, and you're ready to meet chicks. You look to your right, and see these people. Yourt male instinct tells you that at least one of them is really a man. What do you do? What do you do? --The decapitated lobster
 Dammit! Is anyone in here really a woman? --The decapitated breast implant
 Seconds after this picture was taken, the Wonderbra, foolishly pushed beyond all design limitations, gave way. Deadly shards of booby shrapnel filled the air, killing 5, wounding 30. Afterwards, many of the male survivors led lives of voluntarily cellebacy. --jimkata
 "Let's go someplace a little less crowded... your pickup or mine?" --Bucky
 "Ahhhh, I see my 'Barbara Striesand' curse is having its effect, my not-so-pretty! hahahaha!" --Bucky
 While Amy innocently danced the night away, Julia had plans for her.... oooooh did she have plans.... --Bucky
 Jacob and Margaret would occasionally squeeze out difficult turds in public, much to the shock and dismay of others. --Heath
 "That's better. Listen, I know it sounds funny, but if you want to make it as a dominatrix in this town, good posture is very important." --whoever
 That's a nice dress you're almost in. --Colin
 Not surprisingly, Spinnwebe's camera finds the Satan in any crowd. --Colin
 Some Marilyn Manson fanatic (or possibly Marilyn Manson) taunts a pretty girl to the point of tears--AND Spinnwebe is THERE! --Colin
 Oh, no tears, please! It's a waste of good suffering! --Colin

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