IADL #188
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 Those aren't speakers! Those are teleprompters! Those kids didn't even memorize their lines. I am SO dissappointed. --AQUALUNG
 One hand grenade. --AQUALUNG
 The finalists of the Little Miss Pedophilia contest know that the outcome will hinge on the all-important butt-wiggling competition --anondog
 If you look closely you will see the man in the white shirt inspecting one of the contestants for any illegal butt enhancers, which would result in instant disqualification --anondog
 Here we see the McDonaldettes performing the difficult "Spank Me, I'm Yours" maneuver --mutantdog
 "And need I add, as all who are of the house of Lycus, these beauties are well versed in the arts, proficient at needlework and surprised at nothing." --sINad
 Sadly, Jim Henson's Spice Girl Babies was an outstanding failure. --Shifter
 It wasn't until the virgin sacrifice rituals gained in popularity that Satanism was able to attract the big-time sponsors --anondog
 Although tastefully choreographed and wonderfully sentimental, "McDonald's Presents A Tribute To JonBenet Ramsey" just didn't play well at all with the Boulder crowd. --tv's Spatch
 During elimination round of Girls Junior Division Ultimate Fighting, the contestants try to kick their opponent's pretty little faces in. --Noodle Muffin
 First that ChexQuest CD-ROM in the cereal boxes, now McKarnage II -- how many more corporate Doom rip-offs must we suffer? --nice personality
 Man, couldn't you just see Jackie Chan kicking some ass up there? --Skywise
 Grimace waited in the wings, finger sweating caressing the trigger of his sniper rifle. Ronald would pay for the years of treating him like a buffoon. He'd PAY! --Skywise
 LumpCam (c) brings you another exciting railing shot! --Skywise
 Who's idea was it to let the Star Wars Emperor judge the talent show? --DieLifeDie
 I don't know what they're doing, but it looks like McTrademark Infringement to me. --Heath
 This would be kind of entertaining to watch, if I didn't know that McDonalds owned all of these people's souls. --The decapitated son
 "Next up, we have a set of six young damsels, none of whom have ever felt a man's touch... what am I bid?" --Shifter
 McDonalds Presents: The McHookers! --Marlboro
 I don't know what in the world is supposed to be going on this picture, but I sure am glad they slipped a great big breast sillouette in the foreground!! --Marlboro
 The final faceoff between the girls of "Laugh In" and the girls of "Hee-Haw". --Marlboro
 Wow, I didn't think a McDonald's could be this pretentous... but when in France... --Big Jim
 No, no, no! It's "waltz, curtsey, light-step, light-step, fluff-the-skirt, mince", not "waltz, curtsey, light-step, light-step, fluff-the-skirt, show-us-the-muffin"! --Stealth
 This episode of "Difficult Zone Theatre" is sponsored by McDonalds. --agm
 One Supreme, one Pip, two Cover Girls, and one Pointer Sister -- should I keep the Cover Girls and go for three of a kind, or play one of them and try for the straight? --Heath
 The zu-zu girls knew that their new costumes would send delight into the hearts (and privates) of little boys everywhere. --almost cool
 McDonalds presents: Asses!! --Anonywuss
 The McDonettes shake their stuff nightly at Mickey D's Hootchie-Koo Palace. --DoomTrout
 The Wiccan Fast Food Cheerleading team did a lovely rendition of "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun." --ChoppingBlock
 Grimace silently ogled the young women's firm buttocks from the shadows and stubbed out his cigarette. The company was sure taking a bath on sponsoring this Portugese Dance Festival. --SkelettKrieger
 Golly, Spinnwebe, I didn't know you were so big on the kiddie pageant circuit. Kinda figures, though. --anon
 The highlight of the show, of course, was Mary's bloody on-stage transformation into Shiva the Destroyer --Geoduck
 The "Festival of Buttocks" became so popular that its promoters were able to spring for a snappy new logo. --Ngoc van Trimble

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