IADL #189
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 Enticed by the prospect of a fabulous luxury cruise, it wasn't until the slaughterhouse gates closed behind them that the Albanian tourists realized: the nearest ocean was 1500 miles away --mutantdog
 ...RRRRRRAMMING SPEED!!! --The right Hon. Sen. Bluto Blutarski (d, IL)
 I guess Jason upgraded the Argo. --His Imperial Majesty
 Why all of the orange shirts on the fat people? Aren't they easy enough to see without caution colors? --phonsux
 Thank God. No "Speed" captions. Wait a minute... --Big ol' Bob
 Camoflauged perfectly, the bus skulked undetected on the docks. --alanon
 The albanian tourists were quite happy with the tour of the hog snout reprocessing facility, especially the snacks at the end. --DieLifeDie
 I can just see PJ holding a damn banner that says "Chicago"... CURSE YOU, SPINNWEBE, FOR HAUNTING MY DREAMS! --tv's Spatch
 Tonight on Fox: "When Ennui Attacks!" --DieLifeDie
 A Streetcar Named Perspire. --Ratman
 The Chicago tour trolley descends, preparing for it's "Odyssey" tour of the Windy City's elaborate sewer system. --Skywise
 Wow! This cruise is more fun than a bus full of Elvis Impersonators! --Riff
 I don't know where I'm going. The poster just said "get on the bus". --Riff
 "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round ... C'mon, I can't hear you in the back!" --Riff
 Fox's "Odyssey" was more modernistic and less budgeted than the NBC version --Emil Blovin
 "...Well, dear, I just might enjoy the scenery if we weren't about to go over the edge of a brdge..." --Naqvi
 All right, now, you first-time visitors to New Bedrock, just put your legs through those holes in the floor 'til they touch the ground, and then walk forward briskly. --Dr. Zam
 A new additions to 'Trolley' from Mr Rogers' Neighborhood: Little Foul-Mouthed Midgets. --Marlboro
 Passengers waited impatiently as Rod the Driver panhandled enough loot for a spare front axle. --Stealth
 PeopleSnax -- now in this decorative collector's tin. --Heath
 If you look left, you'll notice your pictures are being taken by a man who means to humiliate you. --Anonywuss
 Trolley 29C: now non-stop to Disillusionment and Despair. --DoomTrout
 "...a dysfunctional mystery tour is wating to take you away..." --Pete Best
 Had that one last exposure on the roll of 36, eh, Spinnwebe? --SkelettKrieger

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