IADL #19
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 "Shoot! Just for signing up for a new credit card, I got this free ... hold on. What the hell IS this thing they gave me?" --John Hargrave
 "Dammit, I was just tucking my shirt tail in!... you people are sick!" --Kurt L.
 Ugh! I'm gut shot! --Rich Coughlan
 Having suffered a slump in music sales, Garth Brooks attempted to discretely earn extra money at Autozone. He had, however, forgotten to take off his all too-well-known headset microphone. --Coyote
 I wonder what would happen if I plugged *mine* into that socket wrench? Ummm... nobody's looking! --Parker
 Lamar clinched the "Autoparts Procrastinator of the Year" award on 14 June, 1996 when he took 3 hours and 45 minutes to look up and retrieve a sparkplug set for a 1993 F-150. --splatt
 "Napa, this is Parts. We have a problem." --The Sandman
 Gomer Pyle, after the USMC. --Mister Sinister
 A rare photo of Buzz Aldrin shopping for air filters. --el Marko
 Ooh, I love a challenge! Let's see. . . "Life is like a box of Ex-lax; when you gotta go, you gotta go." No, wait---Tom Hanks' younger, less talented brother Phil, acting as his brother's stunt double, prepares to have a load of crap dumped on him from an upstairs septic tank in the upcoming sequel, "Forrest Gump II: The Heretic." Darn, this is harder than I thought. --Capt. phealy
 Biff didn't have much money so the Clean Urine for Car Parts store was just the thing to beef up his Pacer. --Chug Lug & Mug
 I'ld like to help you Ma'am, but I gotta get back to my cock. --Chug Lug & Mug
 "I smell malpractice", said Carl. The 24 Hour Quickie Kidney Transplant would hear from his attorney. --Chug Lug & Mug
 Goddammit, SpinnWebe, I said we want closeups of tits. This is a closeup of a boob. --The Lawyer
 Why yes, my sister does have a friend that walks like an android, why? --Cosmo
 Let's twist again, like we did last Summer... --Der Tanzer
 When he had a moment alone, Greg checked them. It wasn't obvious -- it probably wasn't even visible -- but it was working! The estrogen treatments were working! --zed o' the valley
 Bruce found that customers the adult bookstore's "glory hole" had picked up now that guys could pay for their anonymous blowjobs with credit cards. --anon
 Ron's first day at the auto parts store starts off badly: Here he is seen trying to reattach his loosened colostomy bag without being noticed. --S.Toma
 Surveillance photo of the perpetrator of a stolen credit card racket, in which stolen credit cards are openly resold. While his entrepreneurial spirit is to be admired, he is still a dumbass. --anon
 His first day on the job at Frauds "R" Us, Brad is told to clear a nasty jam in the "Amex-While-U-Wait" machine. He resorts to man's oldest tool, the sucker-punch. --The Turtle
 After making yet another piss poor movie, Paulie Shore starts his new career at Office Depot. --monkeyhead
 *SMACK* "Maybe next time you'll pay your VISA bill on time, eh deadbeat? Thank you for your patronage!" John's Generic Credit Card business, while truly innovative, proved to be less than popular in it's customer service policies... --patrik

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