IADL #190
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 Okay Timmy, it's time for the "subway" to go into the dark tunnel again...so brace yourself! --R.J.M.
 After his acting career faded, OddJob became a transit vigilante, decapitating fare jumpers and able-bodied people sitting in the handicapped section using his diamond-edge bowler... --Not a twisted fuck?
 A new twist on the "Curious George and the man in the yello-" no wait. Make that RED. Yes, it's been confirmed, it is a RED HAT. Repeat, it is a RED HAT. --AQUALUNG
 And now, everyone, I will drink a glass of water while Davey here sings a medley of Leonard Cohen songs... --The Hodge
 Squeal lahk a pig, Bobby! --The Checkered Demon
 C'mon! I've got poop in my hat; the guy on our right has poop in his hat... Lemme poop in your hat! --Gruber
 Johnny, this is the wrong time to have the hiccupps! --anon
 I have a theory that this picture is a test for IADL contributors to see if they get into heaven or hell. --alanon
 Tonite on " Twisted Fuck Theatre "... --Doc Evil
 If Pete Postelwaithe picked a piece of prime patootie, how many pieces of prime patootie could Pete Postlewaithe pick? --tv's Spatch
 "Listen, kid, if you're Jeanie's son you know it's not fair to just blink yourself away from me. I rubbed the bottle, fair and square." --leek
 "Now, don't worry, my little man. When we get there, the nice men in white coats will give you your own nice rubber room, remove your restraints and teach you more about pharmaceuticals than you ever wanted to know." --DoomTrout
 "My feeling, Andy, is that this isn't the place for Grandpa to learn Judo. Okay? So can Gramps have is hand back, please? Yes? I think Grandma wouldn't want OOK! Right, sorry, I'll be quiet again." --Ed the Draconian Boss
 You sure you don't have another shirtless fat guy in there anywhere, Spinnwebe? --The Interrupting Cow
 Shouldn't "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" be playing at this point? --The Interrupting Cow
 He's mine! Do you hear me? Mine! --anon
 Geez, kid, could ya BE a little more pasty? Is that possible? --Skywise
 "Its called 'frottage' I think you'll like it." --DieLifeDie
 It wasn't the dick up his ass he minded so much as the guy stealing his fucking hat. --DieLifeDie
 Billy Keane's third offense, 25 to life. --DieLifeDie
 (oooh, yesss) Don't you just love it when the train bounces around like that? (mmm, ohhh) --Riff
 Looks like another Gangrel has found sustenance near the Transylvania Station. --Riff
 Whenever something terrible happened to Alan he used the power of his mind to transport himself to a better place. Unfortunately this was the best he could do. --DieLifeDie
 "It's okay, little one. I know they all say that you're just a mannequin, but we know that one day you'll tell them all of the coming doom and that only the pure will be salvaged from the apocalypse and brought into the Egg Of Life, don't we? Mwahahahahaha..." --Crisis
 And now, exhibit 13a - we call it "Fudgepacking on Public Transit". Please don't touch. --Dr. Zam
 This was, of course, the last time Timmy was ever seen alive. --Shifter
 <whispered> "Do you want to be a cowpoke, my little friend? Have you ever dreamed of the wild prairie? Of riding the old trails? Of blood on your hands? Of the toads pushing at the back of your eyeballs? Come, come poke the cows with me, little friend..." "OK! OK! I'm sorry I insulted your hat, mister!" --Shifter
 "Gosh, Fonz, this feels kind of funny. I don't think I like it." "Shut up, Richie. Now start bouncing." --Marlboro
 World's worst babysitter. --Marlboro
 New Jersey's new law requiring child molesters to wear orange hats didn't work out as intended. --The Lawyer
 The Namblich Manoeuvre --Heath
 ". . .see that sign? It says 'Please extinguish your cigarette's' -- and the apostrophe doesn't belong there! Someday when you're older, you'll appreciate the value of fine punctuation. Back when I was your age, apostrophes were one of the last things taught in grammar school. Yet. . ." Josh wanted nothing more than to be anywhere else on Spinnwebe right now. --Heath
 Little Bobby was shocked when the bad man took his Cowboy Pete hat. "If you tell anyone, I'll kill your Mommy and Daddy, kid." --Empress of the Universe
 Well, at first my and my son Jimmy was scared, but I guess giant furry green slugs gotta commute too, and , ya know, it was a lot more quiet and polite than alotta folks that take the number 22, that's for sure ! --not elsie
 The FCC requires that you direct ALL CAPTIONS toward the man in the beige hat. --ChoppingBlock
 Okay Billy, now you and your uncle Roy are gonna take a little ride... --I'm with Stoopid
 OK nobody moves or the kid here gets it...HEY!! I SAID NOBODY FUCKING MOVE...Jesus you New Yorkers really don't give a fuck, do you? --radio show
 Yo, we be da homez of da Chicago sub-way/ We be rappin' bout our long work-day/ Workin' our pasty asses off downtown/We gon' get it on when da sun goes down! Yo ! --anon

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