IADL #191
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 One of Michael Jackson's advance scouts checks out the 'logistics' at the site of his next gig --anondog
 Be good and fly right, because in Hell you would be forced to caption this very same picture over and over again, for all Eternity --anondog
 First it was Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, now it's Cher and Emmanuel Lewis. --Shark Wheel
 Chewbacca was pissed when his wife shaved her arms. --Gruber
 After the prince left her for dead in Tiajuana, Rapunzel made a living seeling her locks for $2.50 a yard. --DieLifeDie
 Somebody better tell the half-wolfwoman half-albino that the circus is next door. --ChoppingBlock
 Alanis Morrisette doing gigs at the Renfaire...isn't it ironic? --I'm with Stoopid
 "Starting bid for this charming oddity, the Longhair Who Refuses To Accept The '70s Are Gone, is $250! Do I hear $300? $300, anyone?" --DoomTrout
 "Hey kid. Wanna buy some hair?" --Ed the Draconian Boss
 Kennedy assination theory #1,207, supported by frame 196 of the now infamous Pendam film: a small, furry alien on the grassy knoll gives a signal moments before shots rang out on Daley Plaza. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 "Buff yer head for a quarter, kid?" --Wanker
 Whenever I start to feel blue, I remember that even the Acrobatic Mexican Wolf Boy gets comp passes to Phish! --Noover
 Herschel the Hairy wept sliently, hiding his envy of the little bald children. --DieLifeDie
 On rasta-day, everybody gets a free toke from the holy hooka. --Riff
 Wait ... cousin it, stork, tent, bizzare sculpture/plant, black schoolchildren, and parading grey bars ... this looks like a picture of a bad acid trip! --Riff
 Everyone was enjoying themselves at the festival, until one little girl noticed the ghost swan floating in the background. --The Viper
 In order to get an R rating, the "Gary Coleman's Funeral" dream sequence was cut from Private Parts. --Heath
 Oh, the thoughts that went through Trina's head the day she saw her first black man.... --The Lawyer
 Find her face, 3 tries for a buck! --Anonywuss

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