IADL #192
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 Defying the ban on assisted suicide once again, Dr. Jack takes one down right in the courtroom... --Ducking Damnation
 The priests had a good laugh watching Col. Klink trying to pick up "das babes". --Gruber
 Another successful graduate of the Moe Howard School of Divinity --mutantdog
 Although the laying on of hands didn't relieve Edna's crippling back pain, the sharp finger jab in the eyeball did take her mind off it for a while --mutantdog
 Hallmark Classics Presents The Catholic Priest and the Blind Palmist: An Undiscovered Aesop Fable. On FOX, of course. --Heath
 Anybody else gonna do it? No? You're really going to make me say it? *sigh* Fine: "Pull my finger." --alanon
 Father Flahrety was only using Beatrice to get at her son... ohhhh... with his soft pouty lips and firm buttocks... --Evil Ed
 "Oh, Father, your last rendition of "Baby Got Back" had me SO moved!" --Evil Ed
 "All'a my bitches know who THEIR Mack Daddy is. Yyyeeaaahhhhh boooyyyeee!" --Evil Ed
 "My brain hurts! Heal my brain! HEAL MY BRAIN!!!!!" --Evil Ed
 Beatrice fell for the ol' Eternal Damnation Hand Buzzer trick again. --Evil Ed
 "I pimp-slap you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost." --almost cool
 No, you didn't see this. Go to the next picture. --Haze
 Welcome to Colonel Sanders' Church Of The Finger-Lickin' Good --MutantChickenDog
 O.K., I'll give you the fucking cookie, now will you quit biting my hand? --The Hawg Ridin' Fool
 You are forgiven for what you did to Paul Sheldon, my daughter. --His Imperial Majesty
 Sadly, by the time Father O'Hara had calculated the pennance, the opportunity to cop a quick feel had passed. --anondog
 "Oh Christ. Someone get the pliers. Father Brown thinks he's in the bowling alley again." --MutantDog
 "Now, now, Ms. Flaherty...you know when tithes are due. Father Knuckles? You and Father Stretch take ol'Ms. Flaherty out back and break her knees." --The Interrupting Cow
 "No, that's not peanut butter you smell. Try again." --Jim Ellwanger
 Exhausted, Patricia started to weep. She'd been pulling the lever for hours, and still no jackpot. --Shifter
 The players of Our Lady of Mercy's theatrical troupe perform the climactic scene between Gollum and "Frodo of the nine fingers" from Lord of the Rings. --Shifter
 Ahhhh yes, my deliciously furtive little love monkey. The righteous knob of Ephram, mmph, shall make you pure...And prebook Spinnewebbe's business class seats to perdition, HAHAHAhahaha! OUCH, careful, you Lithuanian lush! Mmmph. Yowza. --decaf flaming pyloric sphincterDoOd
 World's worst babysitter, part II. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 "I said 'go and sin no more.' Now let fucking go of me!" --Wanker
 "Look, this is embarrasing. I found the twenty bucks fair and square, and like the good book says: finders keepers, miserable old bags without the presence of mind to close their purses weepers. So fart off." --Ed the Draconian Boss
 "Say, I do think you have a fever. Why don't, ehhhh, why don't you just go to my chambers and, ehhhhhh, yes, lie down for a bit, mmm?" --Ed the Draconian Boss
 Ah, your pennance is truly touching. But it's not just up to me - let's get Father Douglas and Brenton and MacCauley over here to sample some of that! --Noover
 Hey, Father Mike! What's Latin for "double bagger"? --Noover
 ...and your head's so flat, I could rest a chalice on it! --Noover
 Could you speak into the flesh-colored sceptre? --Noover
 "Yes, yes, yes, bless you too, peace be with you, in the name of th -- oh fer chrissake just gimme back my hair!" --Ed the Draconian Boss
 "I gave at the office." --Ed the Draconian Boss
 The Arch Bishop's battle with senility reached its sad end on the day he forgot two things: first, "got your nose" isn't appropriate for church; second, it's just a game. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 The Father was quite pleased with his purchase of "Gee, your ring smells terrific!" --DieLifeDie
 Some priests wash the feet of the poor, father Janski picks their noses. --DieLifeDie
 Its the annual "Servicing of the Diocese." --DieLifeDie
 Boy the things you can get away with when God's on your side. --DieLifeDie
 After coughing up over $80,000, Edna was ready for her final Scientology course. --anon
 You can't get into the club unless you transfer the stamp to your HAND! --Jinx
 So... d'ya think it's malignant? --Jinx
 "..and these knuckles spell H-A-T-E...wow." --Jinx
 Spinnwebe had always been teetering on the brink, but this was the shot that ensured its eternal damnation in the sulphurous pits of Hades --anon
 As opposed to the traditional Hail Marys, Father Bromine preferred to cave in the skulls of confessors. --Riff
 Is that a halo or just afterglow? --Riff
 The Catholic church was never the same once ministers started installing confession booths in their pants. --Riff
 Why, hello Sister Blomee! --Riff
 "You're right! I can see the little sleigh and the reindeer in there now!" --Heath
 Here's something you don't see every day -- a man of the cloth touching a member of the other sex! --Heath
 Pfff. With the Southern Baptist Church doin' its thing, does this really need a decrepit caption? --phonsux
 There is no God, thought Father Peter, I'm too old for sex and I can still bend them to my will. --phonsux
 After Mass, the priests all stood in line to pick up Maria, the Legless Paritioner, by the arms and swing her around the sanctuary --phil
 Edith always hated it when Uncle Harry tried to give her a "noogie." --agm

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