IADL #193
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 Tell me... does my chin look like a gophers butt to you? --Doc Ev il
 "Hey, man, what're we doing outside? ABC says we should be watching TV!" --Harriet
 Hey man, I just kicked my soccer ball into a posh wedding reception and I was wondering if I could score a roll of Mentos from ya? --Casey Jones
 The devil goes out for barbeque. --Don Spudleone
 Another Real World series kicks off, eh? You can tell I'm getting old, because I remember the days when MTV actually showed videos. --alanon
 Weirdbeard the Pirate. --Doc Evil
 DAAAMMN, dude, I never seen an eyeball piercing before... That's RAD! --Generation Dreck
 Despite wearing his own Wanted poster on his chest, "Mike" still had no trouble tracking down his next victim. --BretttMaverick
 Yes, it was lovely speaking with you. Taxi!! Yes, I'm sure I'll see you again. TAXI!!! No, no I'm not trying to avoid you TAXI!!!!. --BretttMaverick
 America's Least Wanted. --Big ol' Bob
 The tit-sucking high-school-aged harlot girl, did she pass by here? --ChoppingBlock
 Is this a "Men With Hats" video? --Riff
 "Pull my goatee!" --tv's "ashamed to have said it" Spatch
 Dave stared dumbly into the evil mirror at his dark, opposite, clean-shaven self. --Riff
 Yup. Looks like a couple of real MENSA candidates engaged in a stimuating staring contest ... --Riff
 Pulling away quickly from a passionate embrace, Ron and Al try desperately to talk about sports. --DieLifeDie
 Alright. Now say you like the goatee, or you get another slap across your ungrateful face. Say it! I'm through messing around, here. --SkelettKrieger
 "Ya know Bob, I'd sure like you better if you had a face." --DieLifeDie
 "Yes, that's an accurate description of his premise, but my point is, Camus is simply wrong in depicting Kafka as an existentialist, that -- forget this, man, Phish just started playing!" --nice personality
 No, really, "Wango Tango" is about handgun deer hunting and "Cat Scratch Fever" reflects my feelings on the anti-gun lobby. --Schmeckler
 yeah...when i hit 20 i was issued the hat and beard....but i had to give up my skateboard. --Waldo
 "Jerry is _not_ dead. You take that back, you sick fuck!" --The Interrupting Cow
 "Wanted: One Clue." --Pastor of Muppets
 Um, yeah, It's called "Men in Orange." It's a hunting movie. I wrote the script. --Pastor of Muppets
 At the "Satyr" Auditions for Willow II. --Pastor of Muppets
 Modelling the latest in wishful thinking t-shirts ... --not elsie
 "Bummer, the shirt was supposed to say 'Wasted', but they were out of S's." --Heath
 This unfrozen caveman is already wanted by the FBI in several attacks on chicken farms." --almost cool
 New this fall on Fox: "Abe and The Babe!" Due to a wacky mishap with a time machine, Abraham Lincoln and Babe Ruth are transported to modern day society where they work at a coffee bar by day and solve crimes by night! --Crazy Pickle Dog
 If you can't se the rest of his shirt, it says, "in connection with speaking monosyllabic phrases and hitting people on the head with a rather large thigh bone." --almost cool
 "You don't understand, man. Without Jerry Brown, the Democratic Party is just flunky to the mass-media capitalistic cabal of Zionists!" --who said that?
 "Excuse me, citizen. I am Batman, and have you seen the individual on my shirt?" --sINad
 "Smell my chin! C'mon, smell my chin! Please?" --agm
 "Look, kid, fork over the lunch money or I'll stab you with my beard." --DoomTrout
 Zamfir, master of the pan-flute, is one really hip cat! --Don Spudleone
 When Amish go bad. --Geoduck
 Ernest Scores a Hooker --Ngoc van Trimble
 Yes, but you realize that with the no-deductible, you'll also get full death and dismemberment, plus a subscription to American Aging Magazine. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 Listen, when Satan says he wants some sugar, Satan wants some sugar NOW! --The decapitated Kissenger
 I love you. --anon
 Having failed with it's original idea of having convicted sex-offenders wear orange hats, NJ institutes phaze two: orange hats AND Wanted Poster T-shirts. --Goon

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