IADL #194
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 Great shots, guys! Wonderful work. The camera loves you. Ok, now let's try it without the tops. --Marlboro
 While the other contestants warm up, the Albanian Projectile Vomiting team takes time out to sing their national anthem, "An Infinite Number of Bottles of Beer on the Wall" --mutantdog
 A scene from the upcoming film, "Natural Born Losers." --Evil Ed
 After meeting his new wife and daughters, Vladmir had to get a picture of them and his new green card. --Ralph
 Still enjoying their snacks, the albanian tourists stop off to marvel at the world's largest cow spleen. --DieLifeDie
 Although they knew it was cruel, Jack, Chrissy, and Janet couldn't help laughing at the girl with no arms. --Shark Wheel
 "Oh my God! A Mentos ad being filmed right in front of me! Aieeee! I'm blind!" --Shark Wheel
 "Trumpy, no!" --Shark Wheel
 While the firefighters struggled valiantly to put out the raging inferno, Shelly had her pals pose in front of the carnage for some fun pictures! --tv's Spatch
 If only there was a way we could all get in this picture ... --Riff
 Guys! Cover your damn blowholes - I'm trying to take a picture here! --Riff
 The Kansas 4H watches in awe at a apparently psychotic woman talking into a phone...outside! --Skywise
 After he was exiled from his native Latvia and estranged from his family, Spinnwebe wandered the globe surreptitiously taking pictures of the happy families he envied so much.. --anon
 Deborah's family always figured she was a lousy photographer; little did they know that her tendency to "cut their heads off" was foreshadowing... --nice personality
 Every year, tourists would gather at the town fountain to watch Janey pick her nose. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Obviously, they are not partaking of the clear waters of the Fountain of _Smart_, are they? --The Interrupting Cow
 Two words: Douche Commercial." --Pastor of Muppets
 Jane's shirt, deftly wrapped around her waist, cleverly hid her Depends undergarments from those around her, saving her from embarrassment. That is, until Spinnwebe happened by.... --Pastor of Muppets
 Scenes from Weekend at Bernices. --Pastor of Muppets
 Smile, your images are going up on a page that gets several hundred hits per day to be humiliated in any and all ways possible! --Colin
 For the next sequel, the bored screenwriters just kept the Griswolds in Chicago. --Colin
 Bob felt that his cybernetic nose replacement was SO unrecognizable, he was finally comfortable taking pictures once again.... --Jenn Dolari
 Wow! A double-wide person! --Marlboro
 The the OnlyWearsBlue family visits the town of OnlyWearsLavender, they are always a popular photo-op. --Marlboro
 Dad, if you start kicking your legs like a Rockette, I swear I beat you 'til you piss like a crippled 'coon. --Marlboro
 Visitors to New York often like to be photographed with young hookers. --Marlboro
 Wanda propped herself up on her parents. Soon they would be drunk too, and they would have to rely on their sister again to carry them all back to the hotel. --almost cool
 "I can't believe it! I found all of my treasure hunt items in front of this fountain! An alcoholic, a Rockette, and a tanned guy with a white nose! I win, I win! --Crazy Pickle Dog
 Move closer, Mom. I can't get your intestines into the frame. --Gruber
 The second-string Mentos Players got little action this season. --Heath
 Kodak moments come pretty cheap these days. --Heath
 These models are advertising for a new magazine, Dykes and Bad Rugs --Don Spudleone
 Everyone wanted to pose with Mister Nose. --Heath
 Sadly, the sunlight reflecting off of Fred's nose ruined what would have otherwise been a damn fine picture. --Geoduck
 Visit the famous Natural Beer Springs, which many historians credit as the reason so many German immigrants settled in Milwaukee instead of continuing further West --anondog
 Damn you Spinnwebe! After being desensitized by 193 ugly freak pictures, the girl in purple is starting to look goooooood. --BretttMaverick
 Krista's friends cheerfully ignored the obvious load in her pants, but they were running out of excuses to keep their distance. --Ngoc van Trimble
 The keen pigeon, spotting unsophisticated tourists, immediately dumped one on an unsuspecting leg. --ChoppingBlock
 You can take the family out of Butte, but you can never take the Butte out of the family. --ChoppingBlock
 Okay, now hold up your beer cups to make it look like you're having a good time... Nancy, where's your cup? I don't care if you're only sixteen! Damn, how am I supposed to do this Coors ad without cooperation? --Ratman

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