IADL #198
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 I have collected yon tapestries, and soon shall weave into them mine own humorous captions. Forsooth, methinks I need to acquire a life! --alanon
 I'm the Firestarter, I'm your Tommyknocker... --Kid Prodigy
 Grandpa finds better ways than Acupressure to stimulate his prostate. --Stealth
  As soon as this damn photographer splits, I can put this crap down and get back to demonstrating hemp's one true use. --Upo the Destroyer
 If the camera would pull back to a wide shot, you can see the giant video screen which portrays the face of Bill Gates as he and Malichi announce the merger of Microsoft and Ye Olde Loome 'n' Sewe. --Craig
 Ah, this must be #193's dad, eh? --anon
 "And on your right, you;ll see our newest Smithsonian exhbit: Alzheimer's in the Colonial Era..." --Jenn Dolari
 The new Uncle Sam lives the new American Dream: getting 40 cents an hour on a sweatshop floor to send back to your family in Chihuahua. --phil
 Day in and day out, the master captionweaver plied his trade. A little clothing reference here, some jabs at Spinnwebe there, some Soylent Green in the middle,.. ah yes, and some "poopoo". --anon
 So this is the Loom, eh? Well, I don't see any Fruit growin' on it! --Ratman
 Ezekiel picks out his wardrobe for the National Luddite Convention. --Heath [trust me, the guy's not Amish.]
 And this is how Webes are Spunn. --Heath
 Damnit! Yon NordicTrack hath verily sprained mine groin! --Skywise
 This is really sad? Microsoft Windows for Abacii? --Skywise
 When the Fates needed a break from the weaving of men's lives, their Uncle Bernie would help out. --phonsux
 Shoot, ran out of flaxen gold,, thought Mr. Coogan, guess she'll just hafta be a shaved blonde . . . . --phonsux
 At last! I have completed my life's work! The world's most uncomfortable chair! --Marlboro
 His name is Ebeneezer, and he IS the main geezer... --Shamen Evil
 A shocking look behind the scenes at The Gap. --Jim Ellwanger
 Edwin, the Anti-Santa. --Harriet
 John was a true one-man operation- grew the wool on his own chin, made it into yarn, wove the rugs.. --Geoduck
 When Amish go good.....wait that doesn't have shock value....ok - When Amish go bald. --Moe The Maneater
 SLING WEAVER is due out in theaters early November. --ChoppingBlock
 "I'll be jiggered, if this isn't the most complicated vibrator I ever _did_ see." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Ah-hah. So _this_ is what a 'plot device' looks like." --The Interrupting Cow
 Reacting to widespread criticism of her use of child labor, Kathie Lee Gifford began to recruit an entirely different demographic group. --Capt. Ion
 Jebidiah, the world's first Amish hacker. --The Hawg Ridin' Fool
 AmishTechPro Consulting and Service. Come in, and see the latest generation in high-speed looms. Enter the last millenium with our "PowerLoom SX" package... --BretttMaverick
 Gus braced himself, and tried again to extricate himself from his awkward predicament. --BretttMaverick
 "Now presenting....The Lord of All Knick-Knacks!!" --almost cool
 I invented this back in nineteen hundred and seventeen...but I'll be damned if I can remember what it does! --R.J.M.
 C. Everett Koop finds that the fourteenth century is the only place he can go to escape tobacco. --Emil Blovin

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