IADL #199
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 Bruce auditions for the lead in "Groom of Our Lady Liberty". --Stealth
 " Dorf's X-Treme juggling " video proved to be the last of the series... --Doc Evil
 Sure, it didn't have the dramatic effect like those Buddhist monks in Viet Nam, but threatening to set a $12.95 hat on fire unless peaced reigned in Bosnia was a lot safer. --Craig
 "Now, I know you're saying to yourself, 'Jerry, those are some nifty hats, and sure they clean well, but what if someone tries to catch my hair on fire?' I'm happy you asked...." --phil
 Dorko the Clown's attempts to incite revolution were met with active disinterest --Skywise
 One of these things doesn't belong with the others... --anon
 Despite the showmanship, the A&P deli manager just couldn't sell any flaming sausages. --Jim Ellwanger
 "And for my next trick, I'll pull a barbequed rabbit out of my hat!" --DoomTrout
 In this picture taken seconds before the tragedy, you can see the three victims foolishly crossing into the well-marked "blast zone" that always surrounded 'Flombo's' performance sites. --Geoduck
 Fred's career is cut tragically short when he forgets which object he is supposed to firmly jam onto the top of his head. --Geoduck
 Most of the crowd kept a respectful distance, since hiding three lighted sticks of dynamite under a hat did not seem like the sort of trick they wanted to watch up close. --SaukHawk
 "Hey everybody! Let's cleanse the earth with fire!" --The Interrupting Cow
 Ok, he's dressed oddly, he's about to set himself on fire, is this our new definition of 'flaming queer?' --DieLifeDie
 "And now for my next trick I will make the rest of my hair disappear!" --DieLifeDie
 Thank you very much!! And yes, I do know no one is paying attention! --Colin
 'The hat goes on the head, the torches stay in the hand,' thought Jerry. 'The hat goes on the head, the torches stay in the hand.' He didn't want to make that mistake again. --Capt. Ion
 Geez, Jackie the Jokeman has fallen on hard times. --His Imperial Majesty
 "See, Timmy? By focusing the sun's rays through my hat, I can set this splint aflame." "Gee, Mr. Wizard!" --Emil Blovin
 Okay! this is the last time I say it...give me money or I'll set myself on fire!...Don't you heartless bastards care? --I'm with Stoopid

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