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 Sometimes you'll see the strangest hookers around these parts. --Sailor Venus
 Look, I'm sorry...once I perform the ceremony, I can't just "undo" it! Now piss off! --Jay Clark
 Hurry, Phyllis, I think I saw that guy lurking around the "philosophy" section at Barnes & Noble! --Wanderlust
 Turn to the left, and right, and left...touch the ground, and up, and down, and up... --anon
 "It's a nice day for a purple wedding..." --Darlin'
 "Honey, did you explain to your Dad that we kind of planned on our honeymoon being just the two of us?" --Blake
 I'm so glad I solved our problem by marrying both of you! --el Marko
 Go away! Being "Best Man" does NOT give you first crack. --Monk n Treb
 Your mission, Ethan Hunt, should you choose to accept it, is to find two ugly newliweds, plant a bomb on the bride's fat ass, and then run like hell. --John Gruber
 Honey, if this guy behind me dosn't stop patting my rear end, could you please belt him one? --anon
 No!! No Amway, no Fuller brushes, no candy bars, no Reverend Moon!!! I don't care, just leave me the fuck alone!!!! --Bozo
 Listen lady, I don't care how many times you drop that damn glass slipper around me, I am not going to marry you just to spurn your sisters and step-mother. --The Unmasked Revenger
 The Grim Reaper, Mrs. Reaper, and the Reaper's attorney, Franklin. --Greg J
 Coming Soon: "Mod Squad II: The X'ed Generation," starring Leonardo DiCapirio, Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillon. . . --Capt. phealy
 Here is a historical shot of J.Edgar Hoover on patrol with some top FBI agents. --LORD KAS
 Nice wedding gown. Should I bother asking why you didn't wear white? Snicker! --His Imperial Majesty
 *puff, puff* Hurry, Julie! *wheeze* That weird tuxedo fucker is gaining on us! *gasp* --Kurt S.
 Run, honey, run! You KNOW how Grampa drools when he kisses! --Sal I. Vate
 Come back here, you two!...My cousin or not, she's got my damn ring! --Roger Mexico
 Finally, the reporter realized that he was being stalked by the royal couple, not the other way around... --Clay
 Hurry up, Samantha! The Sperm Bank closes in fifteen minutes! --The Lawyer
 My apologies, Your Grace! It's the beans. --Bill Fortier
 Say Sally! Ya' know that "Maternity Wedding Gown" really flatters you. --kafka
 The groom couldn't help but notice what a huge ass his new bride had, and he wondered how he'd ever manage to cart it over the threshold. --kafka
 No, I'm not Al Pacino - stop following me! --Geoff
 Sashay... turn... look... swish... oh, beautiful, darlings, now let's try a curtsey, shall we? --Red

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