IADL #200
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 Carrie wanted to dump the cone on her sister's head, but her conscience suddenly appeared behind her and talked her out of it. --alanon
 Sabrina, the Middle-aged Witch... --Doc Evil
 Okay, I'm actually getting aroused here. Either we need more pictures of women, or I just need a life. --Bucky
 The Weightwatchers Olympics would always begin with the Olympic Drumstick, carried by former Olympic greats, all the way to the stadium from the 7-11 on Campbell Ave. --BretttMaverick
 Watch as Ms. Sapiens De-evolves into Neander-girl --ChAoS
 Oh I get it, this is just a dream sequence. --alanon
 Cheryl found that falconry was a great way to meet chicks. --Emil Blovin
 And you wondered where Bill Keene got the idea for Thel's UniBoob! --PoohBear
 So, you really think saline is the way to go over silicon, huh? --Craig
 Alright, but next time I get to lick the ice cream off your neck. --phil
 OMIGOD! Women! Real women! Non-Freakish women! Showin' leg! --Happy200th
 Why am I looking down, Dad? Could it be shame, do you think...Dad?!? --phil
 Mary Lou Retton and Ivana Trump exchange cosmetics advice.... --Jenn Dolari
 Make way! Injured hamster! Let us through, please! --anon
 She doesn't have eyes in the back of her head, but she does have one on her index finger! --Riff
 ...and Tina looked down in despair, "wonder-bra my ass" she silently cursed to herself --anon
 "So I says to Rocco, 'If you don't have the money by the end of the week, say goodbye to your fuckin' kneecaps." Do you think that was wrong? --anon
 Breasts, and bellies, and buttocks, oh my! Breasts, and bellies, and buttocks, oh my! --DieLifeDie
 This cult as exemplified by these two members believe if thine left arm offend thee, sew it to thine ass. --DieLifeDie
 New in time for fall: Expanding Universe pants from the Edwin Hubble collection. --DieLifeDie
 "Mom, do you ever feel...you know, packed to the rafters with yeasts, parasites, 42 types of venereal disease,and an intense desire to talk about it in public?" --DieLifeDie
 Beverly from "It's A Disfunctional Soundtrack" holds a cleverly disguised wireless mike next to an unsuspecting blabbermouth. --not elsie
 Don't say ANYTHING, guys. Moments like these are very rare. --Skywise
 Goya & Schicsta: Fox's next female buddy sitcom. --phonsux
 Mary, tell me something and be honest. Do you think my head is shaped like a penis? --Marlboro
 After waking up from her nest in the hair of a blonde girl, Heidi the pixie takes a strol down her arm. --Marlboro
 So we're really just gonna keep walking past the guy with the camera? No questions, no concerns? I mean, mom, he could be putting our picture ANYWHERE! --Tortelvis Grenkle

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