IADL #201
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 The prosecution rests, your honor. --Bucky
 Summer school at DeVoe --R.J.M.
 Proof that Garth was nothing without Wayne. --Heath
 This is how the world looks to Courtney Love every day. --Marlboro
 Just seconds before the flower display/drink machine/heating unit slid downhill into an unsuspecting fashion-don't. --Marlboro
 Did you know that a Collie can make a dandy wig? --Marlboro
 Oop. Looks like this guy tried the brown acid. --Riff
 ...and here you see how the new "MiracleBleach" hydrocloric acid wash lightens...up...oh shit. Well folks, now for a demonstration of my new "BurnAway" sothing aloe ointment... --Lurch
 After the cancelation of ThunderCats, Lion-O falls back on his hairdressing skills until his agent gets him back in the thick of things. --phonsux
 That's not really what I meant when I asked you to tip the waitress... --alanon
 In 1987, the sight of Poison's Nikki Six would have caused a stampede, but these days all it creates is a look of gloom from passerby's who know that he has been reduced to selling sno cones. --almost cool
 Biff! Pow! Kazowie! In a special cameo appearance, Andy Warhol is Bat-tered by Adam West in Batman: The Lost Episode. --Stealth
 I guess David Lee Roth really is just a gigolo. --agm
 Your hair is way too nice, let's make you look like you've been attacked by a wolverine like me... --Colin
 Hundreds stood in line to be beaten about the head and face by Cyndi Lauper. --Colin
 Suddenly it all makes sense! That woman in #176 was teleporting, not disintegrating... And "Speedy" SpinnWebe managed to make it to her destination in time to snap this just as she rematerialized! --Steevie
 In the land of the brunettes, the blonde woman is stoned. No, wait, that's not how it goes... --Steevie
 Mutual grooming and louse removal not only strengthens social bonds but also provides a valuable source of protein. --Ngoc van Trimble
 "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" [people and objects slide chaotically to the right] .... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" [people and objects slide chaotically to the left] .... repeat. --Steevie
 Scary thought: He IS facing towards the camera, and his hair is covering his face. --agm
 Damn Real-World-Gen-X-Wobble-Cam bullshit... --Doc Evil
 Brenda had been teased one time too many as a child. --DieLifeDie
 From the pre-web archives: "It's a Dysfunctional Eighties" --ChoppingBlock
 Life is so pointle..wait, I missed the Goth caption, didn't I? --Skywise
 The "Open Air Haunted Mansion" at Disneypaloosa was doomed from the start. --Jinx
 The only person who could possibly make a more disturbing nipple server than SpinnWebe.. --Marlboro
 Bob failed at advertising his Primal Rage camp, by entertaining onlookers with his "Pick Fleas off your Neighbor" therapy.... --Jenn Dolari
 As Marie began to cut her niece's hair, Sally reached deftly into her Aunt's crotch. --Moe The Maneater
 You know I heard that the eighties were making a come back, but My God, does all of it have to come back? --Grimmy

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