IADL #202
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 That reminds me mom, let's get some corn-on-the-cob. --sisyphus
 Hey, kids, I know you want to practice your putting, but my daughter really needs to use the facilities! --alanon
 Whoops! Sorry Mr. Esterhaus, you go back to working on your screenplay! ---Bill
 Panicked by the Daleks' pursuit, Sarah makes a terrible mistake. --Capt. Ion
 Go on honey, ask your question... *sigh* Fine.. Sir? My daughter wants to know when a blind man knows when he's done wiping his ass. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 "See, Glenda? Mommy scared the Turd Monsters away. You can go in now." --Pastor of Muppets
 Annie and her mom had a great time at RenFaire... Until they reached the crippling shotgun diarrea pavillion... --BretttMaverick
 Get back in the house. New Jersey's no place for a little girl! --Marlboro
 I'm very sorry sweetie, but you know the rules. If you talk back, you have to get your face pressed into a filthy public latrine. --Marlboro
 Down at the amoebic dyssentary farm. --Marlboro
 Maria slowly opened the door, peaking the child's interest. She rared back her foot, anticipating the kick. This was gonna be sweet indeed. --Marlboro
 OK, they're about to open the door, one ... two ... three ... SURPRISE!!! --Riff
 I think I'll take what's behind door #2, Bob ... --Riff
 One side professor, whilst I make this toilet melt! --Riff
 . . . . on Let's Make Caption! Gee, Monty, I don't know . . . Lesbian, child molestation and general elimination Impossible Zones behind each door! I think I'll play it safe and just take the hundred dollars in your hand. --phonsux
 AAAugh! Reality shatters! It's them in real life!!! The butch haircut. Long legs! Sure, Dolly looks taller, but she is still round and trollish . . . okay, time to step away from the keyboard and get some fresh air . . . . --phonsux
 Cool! Another 597 captions comin' down the tubes! --phonsux
 two people walk into a port-a-john..... stop me if you've heard this. --kat
 Ah, yes. The one thing that brings out the very best in IADLers... Get the buckets, Spinnwebe; start bailing! --anon
 Little girl... port-o-potty dangerously tilted to one side... photographer just happened to be there... one of those "unstaged" tapes from America's Funniest Videos, right? --Emil Blovin
 Nope, a drunk is living in his own vomit and feces in this one too. --Colin
 Since Volkswagons aren't Medieval enough, a current rage at RenFairs is finding out how many people can be stuffed into a PortaJohn. --umlautboy
 They've only got one thing in common, they've got the fire down below.... --who said that?
 * WHOA!!! * I think I can hold it a little longer, Ma! * Kaff!* --Doc Evil
 "Damn...somebody already ate the mints from this one, too." --anon
 Elvis? Oh my God! Elvis? Quick, call Dr. Nick! --John Buchner
 Boy, we're really paying for those two girls a couple of pictures back, aren't we? --The Interrupting Cow
 "Yep, dad's in here, but who's his new friend?" --ChoppingBlock
 And there's the nice man in his little house, honey. Wave to the nice man! --The decapitated hello
 Ah. Be it ever so humble. --The decapitated goodbye
 Now Jenny, remember to save all your movements, and someday you mght have the kind of dementia that makes a Howard Hughes. --Marlboro
 Gosh. I just can't believe she's wearing those shoes before labor day. --Marlboro
 "Occupied" <thunk> "Occupied" <thunk> "Occupied" <thunk> "Occupied" <thunk> Christ, you'd think one of these hicks would learn how to use a door lock... --BretttMaverick
 Quickly, Batgirl, we can change into our BatCostumes in the BatPortaPotty. --SlantyMcCameraman
 Hi, we'd like to talk to you for a minute about Jesus... --BretttMaverick
 You're never too young to enjoy Portajohn Peekaboo. --Heath
 "I shelled out $29.99 for Adultcheck, and this is all I get for it?" --Heath
 NO! NO! Door #3! DOOR NUMBER THREE! Aw, hell. They're not gonna get shit in that one. --hippie
 See ? Grandma's just where we left her ... --not elsie
 Only a select few with the proper security clearance are permitted through the Impossible Zone barricade. --Madmike
 The family that eats Olestra together craps together. --Don Spudleone
 Little Bobby knew this wasn't the best place to do it, but he needed a lap dance now, dammit! --Don Spudleone
 And here we have Andy Warhol's Modern Facilities, a mass-art look at the urin... oh the hell with an attempt at high-brow humor! DYKEFEST! DYKE DYKE DYKE DYKEFEST! --Pastor of Muppets
 Welcome to RenFaires' "Ye Olde Shitehouses" --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 "You see, honey? Now can you hold it until we get back to the hotel?" --phil
 And that's the difference between boys and girls. Alright? Now no more stupid questions. --BretttMaverick

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