IADL #203
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 Scenes from the future: What beer commercials will look like once truth in advertising is enforced. --anon
 This dysfunctional photo brought to you by Miller Lite, all the dysfunction of a regular beer, but half the calories. --I'm with Drunk and Stoopid
 Paris, August 15, 2007. The invasion of American Culture into France is complete. Here we see the French Minister of Culture posing with his wife in front of the newly renovated Eiffel Tower. --Sisyphus
 In its never-ending battle to enslave humanity, Skynet introduces a new model terminator, the T-$19.95. --I'm with John Connor
 Whenever I'm feeling depressed because of my butt ugliness I can always come here for perspective --Quasimodo
 Millie and Larry show their colors to let the "hood" know that they are "down" with the Crips gang. --alanon
 "She may not have been the pretitest whore," Ryan thought, "But by golly, she's the cheapest!" --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Guess that's a macrobrew in the background, there. --tv's Spatch
 You know what hon? You were right again. After all those beers, I have lost all sense of shame! --Radio Show
 Here, in a rare shot, Packer fans *not yet in obnoxious cheese-heads* practice for a long season by swilling colossal beers. In the next slide, the gargantuan bratwurst shall be revealed. --Skywise
 Everything pretty much went to hell after the Secret Service instituted 'Casual Fridays'. --Bucky
 "Even when the blind leadeth the blind, they can still find the great taste of Miller Lite!" -- Rejected Miller Lite Ad Campaign #439 --Bucky
 Dammit, SpinnWebe, what's next?? Banner Ads? Spam? If you need money, just say so, but screw the corporate sponsorships! --Bucky
 And now you know what a StimpyFaire looks like. --Orrin Bloquy
 So when does the "Beer-Kissing" part of the show begin? --Pastor of Muppets
 Men in Blue was not as successful as its predecessor. --Emil Blovin
 spurred on by successes with sheep and cattle, Miller Lite decides to clone its own customers to energize flagging sales... --porn monkey
 Scenes from the chilling new miniseries: "V: The Visitors Go To Florida", in which the lizardlike invaders are foiled by piss-water tasting American "lite" beer. --BretttMaverick
 We are from the Planet Li, that is our spaceship M, take us to your Brewery! --PoohBear
 WOOHOO, if we can't find another beer like that one, we'll just put taps in our stomachs and recycle! --PoohBear
 President Clinton's marvelous disguise as a can of beer was spoiled by the sunglass requirement of the Secret Service... --who said that?
 Did Bil Keane draw this? The lady's head is on backwards! --Goon
 Bob and SueAnn both stumbled briefly as their peril-sensitive sunglasses went dark with the approaching GIANT BEER CAN OF DEATH! --geseundheit!
 "Yup, we bad." --Riff
 Roger sure knew how to show the chicks a good time. --SkelettKrieger
 Jeff tried to get a fix on exactly how drunk she was before he moved to Stage Two. --SkelettKrieger
 I would say that these people alone constitute a good anti-drinking PSA. --SkelettKrieger
 Forget Mr. and Mrs. Acceptably Obese for a second... I'm more worried about that giant cartoon ant in the background. --SkelettKrieger
 Look, in the lower right! Is that a landspeeder engine in the backgroud? It sure would explain the foreground.... --phil
 This time, SkyNet sent three terminators, although since no more living metal remained, a great-tasting, less-filling killing machine was sent to the past. --BretttMaverick
 Pam & Jerry returned from their vacation, Jerry sporting his Universal Studios attire, and Pam's shirt telling the world how much she enjoyed the candied phallus factory. --BretttMaverick
 My mind is stuck on two words: Mole People. --Shifter
 Miller, the King of Beers, with his wife, Old Druken Hag. --anon
 Guess who's pregnant? --Timmy'd Flat Rotting Colon
 I sense....beer...a lot of really awful domestic beer nearby. --Colin
 SpinnWebe didn't hesitate. She might not be an "attractive woman", but he was sure he could outrun her boyfriend. --Horselover Fat
 Beer-Guzzling Vampires In Love -- next on Oprah. --Stealth
 This message brought to you by the Milwaukee Visitors and Convention Bureau. Remember, Milwaukee is for (beer) lovers! --Not me.
 And you can see in his slide that cloning's usefulnes is not limited to agriculture! Soon, every corporation in the world will be fully staffed by unattractive, middle aged Americans with massive beer guts. --Craig
 The Olsen Twins: 2099 --tv's Spatch
 You know, Honey, this is the third time they've done this to us -- I don't think we should play Blind Man's Bluff with the kids in a theme park again. --phil
 Boyd, you neglected to tell me this was a LIGHT Beer Festival. --ChoppingBlock
 SuperWhitebreadAvengers, powered by crappy beer, prepare to unleash their flatulence on an unsuspecting passerby. --Anonywuss
 It's nice to see that two homosexual men can hold hands in public. Or homosexual women. What the hell are those anyway? --anon
 It's true. People and their dogs do grow to look like each other. --Wanker
 Twins. Lovers. Beer hawgs. Dean & Jean were in paradise. --Wanker
 It's always nice when two obese, blind drunks fall in love, and get as close as they can to matching outfits. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 ...This approaches one of my fantasies; except of course, the guy is Ed McMahon with the ten mil check, and the woman is a Victoria's Secret model. Oh well, one out of three ain't bad. --Pastor of (hic) Muppets
 Welcome to the future, where Miller rules the world. As a Miller citizen, you must conform to the mandatory dress code. --Upo the Destroyer
 P.I.B. People in Blue: Protecting Toursits from the Scum of the Themeparks. --phonsux
 when ben and jerry invented the smash flavor, "beer malt with potato chip" --kat
 Two tourists are accidentally miniturized in Disney's Honey, I Stretched the Plot. --Emil Blovin
 They actually have the physiques of bodybuilders, its just that the Beano hasn't kicked in yet. --DieLifeDie
 The can could teach them a thing or two about vertical stripes. --Heath
 Why are they wearing dark glasses? I'm the one that's blind now. --anon

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