IADL #204
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 The line from her hip goes straight to her chin. Mammary lovin' Keane sure didn't draw her, now did he? --phonsux
 Tiffani scrutinized the man. He would do nicely. Tonight, she would feed. She would feed well. --BretttMaverick
 Umm, yeah, $15 of unleaded on tank three, ummm, a pack of Player's Light, ummm, one of them SlimJims, ummm, and, oh yeah, could I get the keys to the whore? --BretttMaverick
 Underage Tina stayed out of sight while the kind stranger bought her fruit rollups and cigarrettes for her... --TheRubbies
 Jack was usually a fair pimp, but when his bitches didn't hand over the cash, he wouldn't hesitate to superglue them to the train station. --BretttMaverick
 Another blond tragically fails to understand "knocking over the joint"... --who said that?
 Hey, baby? Headed into Dollywood? Wanna girlfriend? --phil
 To most people, it's just another IADL picture. To me, it's a Rikki Lake show waiting to happen. --phil
 "Wow", thought Tina, "wish I could get a tan like that!" --anon
 Leo was pretty sure nobody was watching him as he unzipped his fly and urinated through the open window. --agm
 Little did they realize it, but Sheila and Leroy, two total strangers waiting for the bus, would have their images posted on the web, where hundreds of people submitted Pimp and Hooker captions. --Ratman
 Economization at Spinnwebe: The leggy chick and the fat guy in the same picture. --Heath
 Carefully Garth placed his Princess Di mannequin against the wall so he could fish out the coins needed to buy a Sprite. --Emil Blovin
 I hate to humiliate that girl, 'cause she does in fact have very nice legs. --Colin
 Short shorts meets long shorts. --John Buchner
 Ah, this must be where all the Difficult Zones go to hang out after hours... --anon
 Okay, Miranda, just stay calm...it's a Negro, but I don't think he's noticed you, just slowly inch away...that's right... --The decapitated funkster
 Oh, too easy. Shit, was I talking about the captions or the girl? --Skywise
 Thanks, lady, but no 'freebies' for me. Id rather just have sex with this wall. --Marlboro
 Excuse me sir, but I couldn't help but notice that you're wearing France's national flag. --Marlboro
 Seconds later, the two were buried under a pile of 'Hooker & Pimp' captions. Neither survived. --Bucky
 "Now, smack your genitals against the railing! Harder!" "Yes mistress! Thank you mistress!" --Riff
 Jenna couldn't wait for the UPS strike to end and bring back the regular guy who delivered the Diet Coke. --Riff
 So that's where they've been ever since An A-Team Christmas. --SkelettKrieger
 Harold was so infatuated with Joan that it took him several weeks to realize rigor had set in. --DieLifeDie
 Nothing says "I'm cheap and easy" like a pocketbook that hangs lower than your cuffs....except maybe that hair. --Heath
 Luckily Chuck happened to drop his keys under the building just as Wonderwoman was strolling through the neighborhood. --I don't care
 We've replaced Fat Albert's normal ho' with Sergeant Melissa Kelly from Vice, let's watch the fun, shall we?... --tsquared
 Much like Shakespeare's doomed couple, Notorious B.I.G. and Debbie (Deborah!) Gibson had to keep their love a secret. --Bill
 "Oh god, she's looking at me... what if she wants my wallet? Oh god, I knew I shouldn't have taken this back alley!" --Bill

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