IADL #206
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 Whoa, looks like somebody lost a bet at the jolly old Faire, eh? --Bucky
 Braveheart II with Rutger Haur faired well at the theaters, though it sure didn't win any awards for "Best Makeup". --Bucky
 My theory is correct! Wherever there's a RenFaire... You'll find ' Greensleeves! ' --Doc Evil
 "There, I'm finished. Now, don't blink or it'll ignite." --Heath
 ``No, no, you'll just have to wait and see. Man, I tell ya, noone can paint two dogs fucking on a beach like I can...'' --Rusty Russell
 "Glass-Eye" Gene stops for a quick touch-up... --BretttMaverick
 Unbeknownst to historians, Bluebeard the Pirate made a comfortable retirement in Trinidad, painting tourists in the island's "traditional custom". --SkelettKrieger
 On the road to Stupidia! --John Buchner
 Backstage make-up man at a KISS concert. --John Buchner
 It was little known that after the debates, Lincoln decorated his hat and gave Douglas a stern facepainting. --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Oooh, this must be one of those new style contact lens artists. I guess the RenFaire special would be demon or cat's eyes or something gothic. pff. --phonsux
 So, with this eye of geek, I can finally cast my spell o' rasta. --Skywise
 This is the only customer Ed had gotten all day. And he had been so sure that his "Get Poked In The Eye With A Sharp Stick" booth would be SOOO popular. --Marlboro
 "Anyhow, my boss wouldn't let me come to work wearing a show cap, so I said 'Screw this!'. And that's how I became a Mary Kay representative." --Marlboro
 Boy, you're right; this thing's REALLY stuck. How'd you ever get a knitting needle in here anyway? --Marlboro
 Ok, just a touch of red here. A bit of green there. By the way, have you ever seen a grown man naked? A bit of orange... --Marlboro
 A rare photograph of Dom DeLouise trying to baste a very confused renfair guest. --Marlboro
 Gosh, pal, sorry to hear about your arm. I lost my leg the same way. --Marlboro
  You may feel a little pain at first but as soon as I hit brain tissue it will cause you to forget your blind date with the transvestite. --NCCRTO
 Um, somebody tell me something. The man in the background...is he carrying a child by its head? --Marlboro
 The comedy team of Mr Big-Sleeves, and Professor Little-Sleeves! --Marlboro
 Frustrated at being relegated to such a low position, Ferdinand could no longer stand having his great talents ignored. The last thing poor Jim felt was the 'crunch' of his nasal cavities as the brush pierced his brain. --Marlboro
 "After I'm done, could you put some lotion on my back?" --Marlboro
 Oh, don't pay attention to him. He's just my little friend 'Grubby', the world's largest mealworm, and he always sits on my head while I paint. --Marlboro
 Jesus annoints the dumb-ass! --Doc Evil
 "While I'm at it, you want the other one sewn shut too?" --Wanker
 Here, William Tell attempts to reconcile with his son, after shooting him in the eye. --Riff
 Just what I always wanted! A Dan Akroyd "Make Me Pretty"! --Riff
 The detail-work is always the hardest part of these model kits ... --Riff
 "Ya' know, on second thought, perhaps I shouldn't inject this heroin in your temple.." --Tony's Dancing Clams
 No no no. You look fruity, but not REALLY fruity. Here, try some eyeliner. --The decapitated sucker
 As WiryBoy gets his secret identity protected with face paint, Spoon Hand Man subdues a troublemaking criminal. --The decapitated sucker
 YAHHHHH!! Clown!! --Colin
 Trying to get in touch with his "techno-tribal" side, Henry spent the rest of his life with "Hello Kitty" on his forehead --Bill
 "Gosh," thought Josh, "Laser eye surgery really has gotten cheaper and more accessible." --Jose Cuervo

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