IADL #207
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 I don't want to alarm anyone, but isn't that the little girl Sil from Species? You watch her for tentacles, I'll call the cops! --Shifter
 "Yes, yes! As soon as the escalator moves up just a little bit more, I can join my upper and lower torso again!" --Shifter
 Clinging onto the wall for dear life? We've all had hangovers like this, haven't we? --Don Spudleone
 Actually, children should not be allowed to stand too close to the edge of an escalator. Serious injuries have resulted from edges of their shoes or clothing getting caught in the gap next to the wall. As I think this is an important safety announcement, I want this to at least make the stupid list for people to be able to see it, so "oh boy my jizz is cumming hey i fuk my sister" --anon
 "PottypottypottywheresthefuckingpottyIneedonenownownownownow!!" --Bucky
 Hey! I know her! I saw her in alt.binaries... er, nevermind. What a dull picture. Next, please. --Bucky
 Susie looked up. This was no longer the playground. And these weren't the steps to the slide. --agm
 "Maybe it's the tequila talking, but I swear this staircase won't stand still!" --Heath
 You might think escalator-taming is a stupid pasttime for a kid like that, but just you wait. By the time she's 18, she'll have legs to die for. --Heath
 "This way to the egress!" --Heath
 Her fingernails scrabbled on the concrete, but found no purchase. Her heart pounded in her chest, as she was pulled closer and closer. She screamed. Loudly. --BretttMaverick
 Is it an escalator, or a Masturbation toy? Let the captions decide! --anon
 White pants before Labour Day, Spinnwebe? That's a Fashion No-No. --Skelettkrieger
 Oooh, another attractive woman... Oh, wait, God, no... <shudder> --Skelettkrieger
 Paul Williams on a bender. --John Buchner
 ...all I'm saying is that she needs a mother who will teach her to FEAR and RESPECT THAT ESCALATOR!! --phil, goin' fer the obvious
 ...but the sequel, Up the Down Escalator, failed to generate interest. --phil
 HELP!!! {slurp, crunch} --anon
 Uh, dude, is this one of those "attractive females" you've been promising? Let me give you the number of a doctor I know.... --phil
 If this really is an IADL shot, then it'll end with some Itchy and Scratchy ultra-violence. Especially since she's wearing really white shorts. --phonsux
 "No, you're not my daddy!" said Katie. However, the godless escalator paid no heed. --Skywise
 Ah, an annoying little brat trying to go up the down-escalator. What I want to know is why the photographer wasn't over there kicking the crap out of her. --Marlboro
 The world's LEAST scary horror film: The Day of the Diagonal Lines!!! --Marlboro
 Little Jenny should never have climbed up the escalator as it was ascending. The combed velocites proved fatal as she shot through the mall's glass sunroof. --Marlboro
 First one to say 'nice butt', I'm calling the cops. --Marlboro
 Nice butt. --Marlboro
 When Helen Keller's 'friends' slip her LSD and then stick her on the escalator. It's a laff-O-minute! --phonsux
 Just for kicks, Supergirl liked to stop escalators by grabbing onto the wall. --Riff
 New for the 1998 Extreme Games - Escalator Surfing! --Riff
 Little Sarah tries to escape as the Escalator of Death takes her into the deepest bowels of Hell. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 When the power goes out, the malls escalators are child powered. --Tony's Dancing Clams
 Aw, Mr. Escalator, do you need a hug? --Colin
 She's getting away! Shoot to kill!! --anon
 One offshoot of welfare reform - WorkCare, for children left in federally financed day care centers. Here, little Cindy's spit polishing escalator handrails at $0.50/hour. --not elsie
 "I can't do it CAPTAIN, I DON'T HAVE THE POWER!!" --almost cool
 "Notice the railings following the eyes natural viewing pattern. Notice the meticulously framing. Notice the little girl in the ugly shirt struggling to hold on as the escalator accelerates to 90 miles per hour." --almost cool

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