IADL #208
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 As Thom places his order, Lina eyes the symbiote atop his head with suspicion... --Bucky
 Today on "It Crawled From the Androgenous Zone"..... --agm
 This is one of the times I hope the people in the photo actually see their pictures on the net. Hopefully, they'll finally get a clue when they're humiliated in front of millions; apparently, dozens aren't enough. --Pastor of Muppets
 "That'll be $8.50. Will that be cash, credit card, or rough trade?" --Heath
 "Hold the pickle...ha, ha, that's a good one." --Heath
 "Hello, ma'am," said Tina in a tired monotone, "welcome to AngstBurger. Have I mentioned just how much I hate my life?" --DoomTrout
 "An if you don't gimme a burger NOW, I give you anotha black eye!" --who said that?
 "Special orders don't upset us, but geeks with QuickCams do. SECURITY!" --who said that?
 What appears to be a dismembered head, sitting on a platform in a fast food restaurant? Man, this has "stupid zone" written all over it. --Crisis
 Gustav placed his order, all the while lustily eying the "Treat of the week". --BretttMaverick
 I'm here to arrest a Drizzt Do'Urden for crimes against Lloth! --ChAoS
 "Umm... you haven't actually touched the food I'll be eating, have you?" --Geoduck
 It's a brilliant strategy, if you stop to think about it. I mean, living employees have to paid, allowed to sleep... Expect to see more zombies entering the workforce soon! --Geoduck
 With sudden horror, Tina realized that it really was a stupid idea to get her doctorate in marine ecology --anon
 'Someday', Angie thought, 'someday soon, I'll be working the Drive-Thru.' --SkelettKrieger
 Goth-burger. -sigh- Can I take your meaningless exitance order? --John Buchner
 A caption for this one would be totally superfluous. --The Lawyer
 Bud tried to cut costs by staffing with mannequins, to no avail. --phil
 "I'd like a #4 value meal--" "Shh! That roach...it's watching me, isn't it?" --phil
 "So, one manwich, large flesh fries, and a bloodshake?" -- McDonald's in Hell. --Skywise
 A gay man meets a goth man, and wackiness ensues! --Skywise
 Uh, I'll have the "Why Does Anything Matter When We'll All Be Dead Soon" combo, with extra nihilism. --Jim Ellwanger
 "You heard me, Raccoon-Boy! I WANT FRIES." --anon
 McMarylin McManson. --Doc Evil
 McMinimum Wage... --Doc Evil
 Have a scary day and screw you for choosing McDonalds. --Marlboro
 Yes, I'll have a teenage freak with extra mascara, hold the bright-future. --Marlboro
 Though her thickly mascara-encrusted eyes were her pride and joy, they proved to be Renee's downfall. Here we see the very moment when she realizes 'I need help'. --Marlboro
 Wow, it was the strangest thing. The last guy through the line wanted me to look through his binoculars for no apparent reason. Then he just left laughing. What a freak! --Marlboro
 I know all there is to know about the frying game... --alanon
 "Who's a black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks?" "Unnnh, next on line please?" --Riff
 Mr Harrison? This guy here says he's Todd Bridges. Want me to call the cops? --Riff
 "Open the register and empty out the cash"? I don't know ... I'll have to ask my manager first ... --Riff
 Despite Western fashions and fast food, the natives of Koratatuhe Island still do their hair in the manner of their ancestors. --not elsie
 Luther, the world's toughest angel, goes out for a McRib. --Riff
 Welcome to....SATAN SATAN SATAN!!! ARGHHH!!...may I take your order? --Colin
 Welcome to Satan's Burgers, where the patties are cooked right from the eternally hot flames of Hell. --Colin
 Too late, Hank learns never to ask for a extra catsup at "T.J. McScanners!" --Bill
 Outtakes from the filming of The Crow: 3D --- Johnny Raz
 "oh my gawd, doesn't that man know that denim vests are like, out this year?" --almost cool

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