IADL #209
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 Guys, guys! Popeye was shorter than Olive Oyle (?). This is obviously Bluto in a never shown Slim Fast ad. --phonsux
 Darla didn't tell Jim they were being taped for HBO's Hookers At The Point. Jim didn't tell Darla his body was incubating half a dozen exotic diseases from ports around the world. --Shifter
 Bob the dinosaur has been here, I see. --His Imperial Majesty
 "Y'know Loretta...Those sandals really don't go with that ass." --Tillman
 John Leguziamo's rehearsals for "To Wong Foo" often involved uninformed "Guest Stars." --Jenn Dolari
 A never-before-disclosed shot of Paula Jones, working her way up the chain of command. --Stealth
 Seamen Daniels spots the sign, and a plan forms in his head... Weeks later, the Navy would attack Pakistan, Paraguay, and Pago-Pago for no apparent reason. --Bucky
 Sometimes you just make it too easy. --Bucky
 "Wow, Stan", Trina giggled, "I didn't know learning to march would be this much fun!" --Bucky
 "Hot Damn! My new cologne, Bitch Magnet, is working great!" --agm
 In some states the "P" with a line through it means "no Prostitution." This is obviously just a no parking zone... --BretttMaverick
 Spinnwebe has obviously moved to a new, and more... exciting neighbourhood... --BretttMaverick
 And you thought 204 generated some "Pimp and Hooker" captions! --BretttMaverick
 Although they came from different backgrounds, the friendship that Cracker Jack boy and Salma Hayek shared would last them a lifetime... --BretttMaverick
 Jimmy was torn up, sure his Newspaper box on wheels was maneuverable, fuel efficient, and could circumvent local parking restictions with impunity, but did the chicks really dig it? --BretttMaverick
 Carlos didn't know which way to take his kids, left, towards the brazen strumpet and her sailor friend, or right, towards the gigantic car wash buffers... --BretttMaverick
 Wow, Olive Oyl has REALLY filled out! --Marlboro
 When a ship come into port, it always means many hours of hard work and dedication for the waterfront whores. --Marlboro
 Here is poor Jim McNary (or Cap'n Jim, as he insists on being called) being led by his nurse down a street somewhere in Kansas. --Marlboro
 Gotta say it.....The world's first double moon walk! --Marlboro
 There's gotta be a catch. I got it. The one on the left is the girl, the right's a guy. Is that your game, Spinnwebe? --Marlboro
 An ad for "Fleet's In!" perfume. --agm
 Ahh, I understand. We ask ol' Spinnwebe for more attractive women, he reciprocates by presenting us the finest women money can buy. Fascinating. --Skywise
 The wacky secret? The 'sailor' is the hooker in this shot! --Skywise
 Hey Sweetie, look! A No Porking sign! Geddit - No Porking !?! HAW HAW HAW !!! I swear, there's nothin' like 6 months at sea to sharpen my wits! --not elsie
 Woo-Hoo!!! Shipwreck fianally scores with The Baroness! YO JOE!!! --Doc Evil
 Thel Keane gets the kids some lunch money. --anon
 Linda could never resist the exquisite metaphorical joke of dating young men who worked at "In N Out". --leek
 Suddenly, Emmy felt the strain become unbearable. That's what I get for dating an Ice Cream Man was the last thought that went through her mind before her butt exploded through her pants. --Pastor of Muppets
 We've got a sailor, a woman without pants... please tell me just where the Difficult Zone isn't in this picture. --Emil Blovin
 Barbara was obviously an amatuer nudist, but damned if she was going to let anyone know. --The decapitated lah-lah-er
 You know, if you adjust the tint on your screen slightly, she no longer appears to have slacks on. --anon
 I don't know about you guys, but I plan on skipping IADL #210. --Heath
 Damn. An ass like that, and we don't get to see the movie.... --The Lawyer
 The easy zone. --mjw

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