IADL #211
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 Timmy is distressed while watching his first public flogging. Jennine, a veteran at age 7, enjoys the occation. --Bucky
 Remember kids, you're never too young to shame your species. --Shifter
 "Hark, mother! Young Mikey doth like it!" --Big ol' Bob
 'Ere we see the little boy storing food in 'iz cheeks for the long Winter months to come. --Evil Jacques Cousteau
 Nobody knew how Joey managed to fit the entire roast pig in his gut... but it wasn't STAYING there... --Evil Ed
 "Ah wave mah privaht pahrts at you, you running-about-knees-bent English peegdogs!" --anon
 "Hey you, with the camera. I advise you to make yourself invisible by the count of three, or Little Billy here might get angry. And when Little Billy gets angry, people tend to have 'accidents' involving their kneecaps, comprende? --mutantdog
 Squirrel Boy paused. "Wait a minute," he thought. " How the hell am I supposed to store ice cream in my cheeks for the winter?" --Pastor of Muppets
 When the Jolly Green Giant's out of town, Sprout likes to hang out at the gay RenFaires for kicks. --Don Spudleone
 The boy minced in cape and tights, preparing for his Shakespearean debut, unaware of the crowd of local toughs coming into the yarn to "whup th' young faggot upside the haid." --Thomas Wilde
 You see before you now the TRUE ENEMIES of all that is happy and fun in this world. Be very afraid. --william zanzinger
 Seconds before little Angus realizes that it probably wasn't such a good idea to get an order of TOTALLY authentic meat pie, complete with freshly spoiled pork. --Moe The Maneater
 And now, the RennFayre Youth Players will do their rendition of IADL #200 ... --Riff
 Maid Marian's daughter bore a remarkable resemblance to her father. Unfortunately, her son seemed to more resemble his cousin John ... --Riff
 Guess which one Mom likes better? --Heath
 Franklin looked at the hand-me-downs he would one day wear, and quickly swallowed the rest of the pills. --alanon
 Halfway through his steak tartar-flavored ice cream cone, david began projectile-barfing all over his unsuspecting brother's new cape. --chromepaperclip
 Proof Positive: Prince Valiant and Billy Carter *were* separated at birth! --Conspiracy Theory
 Can anyone spot the future gay man? --phonsux
 Children are forced to raid costume shops for clothing and eat their pet guinea pigs for food! --Colin
 Hey, Bobby, pass me my hamster, will ya? --Colin
 From the authos of The Scarlet Pimpernel, comes The Purple Pimp, in fine bookstores everywhere... --BretttMaverick
 Jenny was glad to have this picture, as it would be the crucial piece of evidence in the ice-cream sandwich stabbing trial of the century. --BretttMaverick
 I will not submit a pedo caption. I will not submit a pedo caption. IwillnotsubmitapedocaptionIwillnot...uh-oh. --phil
 New on Kids' WB -- "Robin Hood Babies"! The daughter of Robin and Maid Marian, with her sidekick, a Faulknerian idiot-child.... --phil
 "Robin Hood--Prince of Dweebs!" --almost cool
 Bilbo Baggins is about to get the shit kicked out of him by Tommy McLean, 1st grader. --Anonywuss

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