IADL #212
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 Man, Batman must really be going broke. --Magus
 When Gods Play With Magnifying Glasses - next, on FOX. --tv's Spatch
 Helmsman, engage the cloaking device! --Capt. Ion
 Alert Six Flags, one of their rides has gone AWOL! --Doc Evil
 This car would be a real chick magnet if it could seat more than one. --Bucky
 Uh, weren't they supposed to install the Heads-Up Display & Targeting Scope on the front of the car?? --Bucky
 The Devil had upheld his end of the bargain and Eldon now had the car of his dreams. But for all eternity he was destined to be stuck behind this station wagon, and be subjected to small penis jokes. --ArcArc
 Bob had to buy a convertible, once the Dr. Scholl's industrial power inserts stopped working... --who said that?
 "Heh-heh...Hot Chick Line forms on the _left_...uh, where are you all going?" --The Interrupting Cow
 Aren't the numbers there so truck drivers can keep score when they run these things over? --phonsux
 Hey, I thought the D.O.T. outlawed go-kart lanes. --chromepaperclip
 BigWheels now utilizes the internal combustion engine... --chromepaperclip
 Herbie's evil twin brother. --His Imperial Majesty
 What this guy needs is a forced mounting by an 18-Wheeler. --Pastor of Muppets
 Gee, Sidney, I just like to cuddle, okay? --Colin
 That's not a car. It's a midlife crisis with racing decals. --Thomas Wilde
 Man check out the Chevy Caprice in the background! --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Well, this car cost me 50K but damn if I won't finally get laid now! --anon
 Say, Racer X? Is it true you're really Speed's long-lost brother? --Riff
 Either the Mach-5's gotten a new paintjob or KITT has had some serious bodywork done. --Riff
 The phone company experimented with many new and innovative ways of advertising Area Code 520. --Jim Ellwanger
 "Vroom! Vroom!" --Riff
 Bill Gates' new mansion also features bumper cars. --Heath
 Finally! A rear end we can all appreciate! --Heath
 As the banging got weaker, Speed smiled to himself. A lock and a little airtight caulking would solve the Spritle problem... forever. --Bill
 At the first sign of trouble, Loserman climbs into the Losermobile and leaves the Losercave... --Haze ((OKay, it's obvious, but it had to be said!)
 Gee, this is the first time I've seen a penis with a roll bar. --DieLifeDie
 "...The prick's on the inside. Heh, heh, uh, I don't get it either." --DieLifeDie
 After escaping from "The Village", Number 6 spends his retirement in suburban London, cruising for chicks in his Lotus. --chromepaperclip
 Dad lets me drive slow on the driveway, but not on Monday, definitely not on Monday... --Colin
 Wouldn't it be great if we actually had purpose in our lives and could convince ourselves to actually take this nice car somewhere? --Colin
 The Beach Boys decided "She's Real Fine, My 6-2-0" just wouldn't cut it --Colin
 And now, ladies and gentlemen, a car that simply SCREAMS "I'm compensating for my tiny penis." --Tortelvis Grenkle
 "The name's Sheib.....Earl Sheib." --almost cool

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